Research News Apr - Jun 2021

Message from The Research Society President

Since our last issue we have formally thanked and farewelled outgoing President Vicki Arbes and have welcomed two new Board members, Elyssia Clark and Ellen Baron. The fresh eyes and ideas are always welcome. It has also been an opportunity for us to reaffirm our commitment to continuing to position the Society as the ‘go to’ community for building careers in research, insights and analytics.

If you have new ideas about how we can continue to do that then I am happy to hear from you. I can’t promise to action every idea but I will listen with open ears. Good ideas can come from anywhere and you the members know better than anyone what you want or need from us to truly be your ‘go to’ community.

While 2020 was a tough year for many, the Society included, we still managed to relaunch the new branding and a range of new services for our members. In 2021 we are continuing to build on that with a host of great initiatives led by our national office:

We are launching a new round of the highly successful mentoring program we piloted last year. Responses from both mentors and mentees was terrific so we’ll be opening a new round of applications in May with the aim to kick off the program in July. Think about whether this is something you might want to get involved in.

One area you may have already noticed some changes in is our renewed focus on training. We have a new training program as well as new opportunities for bespoke in-house training. We are also increasing our on-demand courses so you can learn at your own pace at a time that best suits you. Sue York is really driving some great initiatives in this space.

This year marks the launch of Research Week to be held 3-7 May. This week will feature our conference and Research Awards but also workshops and face to face networking events in every state. There will be activities and events every day so clear your calendars folks!

The Human Insights Conference will be our marquee event as always and it looks set to be the best conference ever. I know every President probably says that every year but an unexpected upside of COVID and the travel restrictions has been the ability to secure previously unaffordable star keynote speakers. That on top of what the conference committee tell us are really high quality local papers makes this a ‘must attend’ event. I for one am not going to miss Seth Godin, Leigh Sales and Farai Chideya. I could listen to Mark Ritson all day taking the b******t out of marketing and who doesn’t want to see Kirsten Hickey go head to head with Adam Ferrier! If this stuff doesn’t spin your wheels there’s plenty more that will. Check out the program at

The conference will wrap up with the inaugural Research Awards night on 6 May where we can celebrate the excellent work our industry is producing and the meaningful difference we are making in public policy as well as corporate Australia. I was on the judging committee this year and I can tell you the calibre of entries was really high and the winners are crackers! Join us on the night as we announce the winners in the Consumer Insight, Public Policy/ Social Impact and Tech/Innovation categories as well as our new Young Researcher of the Year and Research Organisation of the Year awards. Our new Fellows will also be unveiled on the same night.

Until next time, stay safe and happy researching!

Tiina Raikko,
president, The research Society

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