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In the last 18 months our world has changed dramatically due to the COVID pandemic. The shifts that we've experienced in the social, business, and political arenas have been extreme; the surety around how our society, institutions and structures operate disappearing and morphing daily. As research and insight professionals you have been at the forefront of documenting these changes.

The theme for forthcoming Research News articles is – Navigating the future

We would love to hear from you and invite you to share your observations and insight highlights about the impact of the pandemic under any of the following sub-themes:

Socio-economic challenges/ Social segmentation - how are people navigating lock down, job losses, reduced social contact? Is there a potential fracturing in response to the need for vaccine passports?; the division between vaccinated and non-vaccinated segments of the population; the increase division between socio-economic groups; segregation stages such as employers requiring vaccinated staff, events requiring passports; the increased call on food banks.

Mental health - how are we travelling in the pandemic and what is impacting our mental health? The challenges faced individually and across the general population; the increased use of mental health services; managing staff and working from home; mental health impact on business owners.

Trust – how has the pandemic changed who we trust – friends, family social groups, politicians and governments?; can trust be restored, what will it take and what will it look like in the ‘new normal’?; how have our leaders performed over the last 18 months in this area?

Our health system – How is our health system holding up under the strain of a massive influx of seriously ill patients? The challenges faced by our health workers operating under immense pressure to nurse people through extreme illness and ensure the population is vaccinated; for employers to keep their staff safe and well.

Pivoting to survive - how have businesses responded to the economic situation and adapted to the new commercial environment? The move to more online shopping; how are businesses getting products in front of consumers?; downsizing in response to business opportunities and revenue; the impact on research and insight companies and how you have responded to responded.

Participants & diversity – the Covid impact in attracting participants; how is access being affected and what about platform access for people who can’t access us – sight or sound impaired, differently abled?; how diverse are respondents and the views we bring to our clients?

A respondent viewpoint – sampling and how it has changed due to Covid; how are sampling companies responding to the infiltration and increase in panel bots?; the loss of group rooms.

Young researchers in Covid - what does it feel like to begin your career in isolation or lockdown? How are you connecting with your colleagues and building networks without IRL (in real life) contact?;

Good news stories – how has the pandemic had a positive impact on our society and industry?; people doing things differently, levels of engagement, changed ways of relating and connecting.

This is your opportunity to contribute to the debate and share your research and ideas with your peers. Articles will be posted to the Research News Live site on an ongoing basis, increasing your presence and profile within the industry.

CLICK HERE to see our contributor’s guidelines. Please read these guidelines before writing and submitting articles.

Deadline for submissions is as follows:

  • First round feature first drafts/ outlines (800 words max) are due by 5pm, Tuesday October 26, 2021.
  • Contributors will be provided with feedback and may be asked to refine their articles after that date.
  • If you have a great article and require more time to develop it, please contact the editor to discuss further.
  • Company news and career moves contributions are welcome at any time.

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