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Market & Social Research Journal

Formerly named Australian Journal of Market and Social Research

HandbooksMarket & Social Research, formerly known as the Australasian Journal of Market and Social Research (AJMSR) until December 2012, was the official journal of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS). It was published twice yearly in June and December, and made available in electronic format only (since December 2008). The December 2014 edition was the final edition as the Society is no longer publishing a journal. The editor of the journal was The Research Society Fellow Assoc. Prof David Bednall.

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The aim of Market & Social Research was to provide quality, refereed (all papers were double blind refereed) research articles which:

Focused on methodological issues of interest both to academics and industry practitioners, such as response rates, internet panellist behaviour, question and scale design, management of large scale social research studies and data collection techniques;

Described new or improved data analysis and measurement techniques which could usefully be adopted by marketing academics and the industry, such as new approaches to qualitative analysis or new approaches to data modelling;

Reported on the outcomes of social research studies conducted in Australasia;

Explored trends in the practice of market and social research on both the supply and client side; or

Discussed the future of the market and social research industry.