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Listing your job advertisement with The Research Society Job Board gives you exposure straight to your target audience:

  • Members of The Research Society
  • Non-member researchers
  • Clients and potential clients looking for industry information

Every advertisement will be listed on The Research Society Job Centre at and also included in the Research News Live weekly newsletter.

To advertise your job, fill in the booking form below.

Job Centre Booking Form

Please create your online advertisement by filling in the required details and uploading the PDF of your advertisement. Once completed, please use the Submit button at the bottom of the page to process your booking. 

Full Time Freelance Internship
Part Time Temporary
Client Side Role Data Analyst / Processing Academic
Account Management Consultancy Data Collection / Field / Operation
Qualitative Recruiter Social Research Top Management

Casual rate AU$150 incl GST
Casual rate for companies with a Research Society member(s) AU$100 incl GST
Package rate for companies with a Research Society member(s) - 5 ads a month: AU$375 incl GST

If a new Research Society membership is created as a result of filling the advertised position, a rebate of the advertising cost will be made.  This rebate will be in the form of a discount applied to the membership fees for the person recruited and should be arranged by sending an email to prior to the membership application being submitted. This offer is only valid for NEW members of The Research Society.

5 ads a month: AU$375 (incl GST)
10 ads a month: AU$500 (incl GST)