Complaint handling

Anyone may make a complaint about a Member of The Research Society if they believe that the Member has breached the Code of Professional Behaviour (the Code), failed to comply with the Constitution or Regulations or has engaged in conduct that is prejudicial to The Research Society.

The Research Society takes complaints against Members very seriously and will conduct an investigation into any complaint made.

Information on how to make a complaint can be found here.

Guide to making a complaint

A complaint can also be made against a Company or Client Partner for an alleged breach of the Code or Quality Commitment. Details of the Complaint Procedure for Company and Client Partners can be found in the Regulations here.

The Research Society office can provide help on how to make a complaint. Phone 02 9566 3100.

Research Society Guideline 1

Selling under the guise of research and related practices

Selling under the guise of research (sugging) occurs when individuals or organisations pretend to be researchers conducting surveys in order to generate sales leads, build databases or undertake direct marketing.

Organisations may also attempt to conduct fund-raising or lobbying for political purposes under the guise of research (frugging and plugging).

These activities are outlawed under the Code of Professional Behaviour (Rule 10) as they bring the profession into disrepute and mislead people when they are asked for their cooperation (Rule 11). They also breach the Privacy Act if they do not clearly state the purpose for data collection.

Have you encountered any of these practices? Let the Research Society know.

The Research Society will investigate any claims of such practices by Member or Partners. They also maintain a register of non-member organisations found conducting such practices and will contact them to ask them to withdraw the suspect survey.