Code of Professional Behaviour

The COPB is aimed at fostering public confidence in research and demonstrating that activities carried out by Members are carried out in a professional and ethical manner.

Code Guidelines

These Guidelines provide clarification on aspects of the Code of Professional Behaviour and advice on research practice.

Legislation - Fact Sheets

Fact sheets provide Members and Partners with an overview of legal and regulatory issues that may impact on their research practice.

EthicsLine - Standards Advice

Dedicated to answering questions about the Code. Your questions will be answered by the Professional Standards Officer.

Certification - ISO & Fair Data

We assist companies to be certified to ISO20252, ISO27001 and we have exclusive rights in Australia to the Fair Data program.

Privacy Information

Information about the Privacy Act and other relevant local and global privacy legislation regarding the way in which personal information must be handled, used and managed.

Complaint Handling

Information on how to make a complaint can be found here. The Research Society takes complaints against Members very seriously and will conduct an investigation into any complaint made.

Global Guidelines

Research Society Members and Partners also have access to the Global Research Business Network and ESOMAR Guidelines.