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Established 2004

22 Enfield Drive
Torquay VIC, 3228 Australia

Phone: 03 9571 2712
Contact: Stephen Prendergast

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General Information

Prescience Research is a specialist quantitative research and data modelling consultancy. Our goal is to deliver market and social research studies that accurately predict marketplace performance or social outcomes.

Our specialisations include:

  • Brand Equity Tracking; New generation tracking systems that use contemporary brand engagement theory and implicit techniques to assess brand health and the drivers of choice and sales. 
  • Positioning Value Analysis; to forecast consumer demand from pricing and / or positioning change.
  • New product and Innovation; including idea development, trade-off analysis, choice modelling, new product screening & refinement, and customer demand forecasts.
  • Segmentation and needs assessment; identifying the optimal customer segmentation for more efficient marketing activity.
  • Paid, earned and owned advertising response & econometric modelling; to evaluate the short and long-term dollar ROI on marketing investments.
  • Customer experience optimisation; studies of customer experience, engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, consumer generated media and switching including the impact on short and long-term purchasing behaviour.

Together with Sprout Strategy, Prescience Research has recently launched FutureEQ to market and develop market leading predictive methods to link market research findings with business metrics that matter.


Research Society Members Stephen Prendergast Fellow QPR

Key Personnel

Stephen Prendergast (B.App Sc-Hons, B. Bus-Marketing, QPR). Managing Director.

Stephen is well known for his thoughtful use of mathematical and statistical models as a bridge to better decision making and insight. He has applied these methods in a variety of fields including customer service and loyalty studies, advertising response, brand health tracking, time series analysis / econometric modelling, customer segmentation, data mining and demand estimation models including choice modelling, conjoint and simulated test markets.


Research Fields:
  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Communication & Information Technology
  • Finance & insurance services
  • International markets
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Tourism & hospitality
  • Building & Construction
  • Distribution
  • Food and drink
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail (excluding food & drink)
  • Social/opinion research
  • Telecommunications
  • FMCG
  • Health
  • Other utilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Infrastructure
  • Wholesale/retail
Research Methods:
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Mail surveys
  • Brand health
  • Market modelling / sales forecasting
  • Business to business research
  • Market segmentation
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Choice modelling
  • Consultancy
  • Non English speaking background
  • Continuous tracking
  • Corporate image / Corporate reputation
  • Packaging research
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty studies
  • Panel
  • Data processing
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Desk research/market analysis
  • Pricing/promotions research
  • Employee/staff surveys
  • Product testing/new product development
  • Experimental design
  • Program evaluation
  • Face to face interviewing
  • Readership surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Service quality studies
  • Group/in depth analysis and interpretation
  • Software provision
  • Group/in depth moderation
  • Syndicated studies
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Internet usage studies
  • TV & radio audience measurement
  • Lab testing facilities
  • Website evaluation
  • Online interviewing
  • Web surveys

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