Sampling Design & Weighting

Essential Statistics Toolbox

The Essential Statistics Toolbox gives access to MR-relevant statistical methods all in the one place.

Developer Stephen Prendergast said a key aim of the toolbox was to provide further education about the appropriate use of
statistics in market and social research. “The methods selected are those that are taught in AMSRS statistics and sampling courses and they are explained here in the same way as they are in these courses.”

The toolbox is Microsoft Excel (‘97) based and works with Windows and Apple OSX PCs that have MS Excel installed.

Questions about the toolbox can be directed to Stephen Prendergast:

to download the Essential Statistics Toolbox.(Ensure you are logged in when you click the link).

Sampling Design & Weighting

Sampling Design and Weighting for Australian Household/Consumer and Business Surveys – A Better Practice Guide, is the first of AMSRS's suite of Better Practice Guides.

The Sampling Design & Weighting guide is available free for all members via the 'Member Centre'. Members login and to download the guide.

Non-members can purchase the hard copy version of the guide.

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