Results of the Workplace Mental Wellbeing Audit in Australia

17th Nov 20

DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE: Opening the Conversation: Mental wellbeing in market research Australia.

In June this year The Research Society partnered with the MRS in the UK and the Insights Association in the U.S. to launch a unique international initiative to examine mental wellbeing in market and social research, in partnership with global insights consultancy Opinium. The report on this initiative has now been released and provides important insights into the current state of play, areas for improvement and what a post-pandemic future may look like.

“As we know only too well, this is a time when our lives, both personal and professional, are being completely upended. If uncertainty is one of the key predictors of mental stress, then we are truly being tested. The Research Society has been in close contact with many of our members over the past seven months and we know many of you are struggling. Trying to anticipate how the industry will be changed by the pandemic and what changes we should be making to accommodate these shifts is I’m sure, playing on all our minds. It is therefore particularly timely for us to provide some insight into how our workforce is faring, and how its mental wellbeing compares to other sectors across the Australian workforce.

The data does show that the very nature of the research business, dealing with complex problems, with tight deadlines and demanding clients, places a lot of stress on our workforce. 84% report having felt stressed, anxious, down and/or burnt out in the past 12 months, compared to 73% of the general workforce.

But perhaps because of the stressful nature of the work, our workplaces are shown to be somewhat more open about mental wellbeing, more inclined to offer flexible work hours and to have initiatives in place to help people stay mentally well. 3 in 4 say their workplace takes mental wellbeing seriously, and 3 in 5 feeling they could talk to their manager about their mental health if they wanted to.…The report points to the critical importance of taking a lead from workers themselves, asking them what they need to feel supported and listening to what they say.

If 99% of the market research workforce says it wants to continue to work from home in some way, many of our business are facing fundamental change and now is the time to be thinking about how we might best adapt.” 

Dr Vicki Arbes – President, The Research Society

We commend the report to you to assist in managing your own mental wellbeing, and that of those people you oversee.