Global mental wellbeing study to demonstrate impact of pandemic and inform support for research sector

1st Jun 20

MRS, the Insights Association (IA) in the US and The Research Society in Australia have launched a unique international initiative to examine mental wellbeing in market and social research, supported by insight agency Opinium.

The survey results will bring to life the varied impact of the coronavirus crisis across three countries, highlight how workplaces can support people working in market research and shape guidance on how mental health wellbeing support can be improved.  The more people who take part, the more comprehensive the analysis and recommendations will be.

The study will build on the pioneering work conducted by MRS and MRS accredited company Opinium in July 2019, which found that 85% of research practitioners had struggled with their mental wellbeing in the previous year.  That report, Opening the Conversation: Mental Wellbeing in Market Research, can be downloaded here.

Those working within the market and social research sector in the UK are encouraged to take part in the survey before 11 June. The research is being conducted in accordance with the MRS Code of Conduct 2018 and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and a summary of the results will be published on the MRS website.

Jane Frost CBE, CEO of MRS, comments: “This collaboration of international partners is a unique chance to examine the mental wellbeing of those working in market and social research in some of the world's most advanced survey sectors. Understanding the impact of coronavirus specifically, will help us to support companies and professionals as they work to rebuild after the crisis, address the vital issue of mental wellbeing and develop practical programmes to improve matters where necessary.”

James Endersby, Managing Director of Opinium, comments: ““Everybody has mental wellbeing and we all need to ensure we nurture it, as we do with our physical health.  Businesses can play a huge part in supporting their employees in this regard, which is why we’re delighted to be partnering with the MRS in the UK, the Insights Association in the US and the Research Society in Australia, to conduct our workplace mental wellbeing audit with the support of their members, agency and client side partners. If you don’t measure it, you can’t help improve it, and our insights will help accelerate change in our sector at a global level.”

Melanie Courtright, CEO of Insights Association, comments: “Many people remain uncomfortable talking openly about mental health, especially in the workplace. But it is a growing concern, and one which many experts believe has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Information and understanding are the most powerful means to boost empathy. IA is proud to participate in this initiative and we encourage all of our members to get involved, create a working environment that supports the mental wellbeing of every employee, and lead by example in welcoming dialogue about mental health.”

Elissa Molloy, CEO of The Research Society, comments: “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the research and insights sector with a range of challenges. One is managing the disruption to the traditional workplace as we pivot to ‘new normal’ working and office arrangements. Gaining an understanding of how the crisis has impacted the mental health and wellbeing of the sector will inform how we move forward to create new work environments to best support our people. It will also assist in breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues. We are pleased to be working with our partners on this project.”


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