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Application for Associate membership (company payment)

Please complete the application form below and we will set up your Associate membership in our system.

Your company has either paid for this as a part of their Company Partnership or have chosen to pay for your membership.

It is best that you fill in the form below so that you can set out the information you would like us to have in regards to:

  • Your contact details
  • Email choices (webinars, your state, large events/conferences
  • Special Interest Groups and other like-minded networking opportunities
  • Updating your membership details
  • Updating your information in the member directory
  • Your personal member declaration and agreement to adhere to the code.

An invoice will be sent for the specially agreed fees, as previously arranged with your company.

An email will be sent to you to let you know when your membership is active.




Customise the emails you receive from us by ticking all your preferences below. You may edit these selections at any time.
Emails confirming event registrations and advice regarding payment transactions will be sent to you automatically. Society Members also receive emails regarding membership status and renewal, as well as important member-only advice from our CEO. Please use the options below to tell us what you are interested in hearing about.
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Webinars on industry topics

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Optional:  If you would like to provide some background information regarding your qualifications or employment, feel free to complete the details here or upload your CV. 

MEMBER DIRECTORY - customise your listing

Every current Research Society member is listed in the Member Directory published on our website. The directory is searchable and can be accessed by the public as well as by other Society members.

Your entry in the Directory automatically includes: your name, company, membership level and year of joining, and whether you are QPR accredited.

OPTIONALLY, you can enhance your listing by adding your photo and/or your Bio details, and you can also opt-into a feature allowing people to contact you via our website.

To customise your listing with any of the optional features, please complete the relevant section(s) below. You can add, change or delete this information at any time.

Please upload your photo below. Images need to be in JPG, PNG or GIF file format only, and will display to a maximum size of 200 x 200 pixels. Please note that the photo will not render immediately on the website. Research Society staff will add it to your listing as soon as possible.  (If you don't upload a photo, your listing will display a "Member" avatar instead.)

OPTION 2: ADD YOUR BIO    Content you enter here will display at the bottom of your directory page under the heading "About (your name)". You can add an outline of your skills, interests and career goals for users of the Directory to obtain an insight into your background. (This needs to be in plain text format and therefore needs to exclude hyperlinks and graphics.)

OPTION 3: ENABLE THE 'EMAIL THIS MEMBER' FEATURE    By selecting the Yes option below, an 'Email this Member' link will become active in your listing. This link allows Users of the Directory to complete a form providing their name, email address and their message for you, which is forwarded to you by our website. Your email address is not disclosed to anyone contacting you this way.


To help us understand our members' needs and best develop our services to suit, we'd be grateful for your response to the following questions:


In submitting my application for Research Society Membership, I confirm my agreement to the following statements:

1) I wish to become an Associate member of the Research Society;

2) I support the object of the Research Society;

3) I agree to comply with the Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour, Constitution and Regulations and with the Society's disciplinary procedures (as varied from time to time);

4) I undertake to contribute up to $20 to the Society's property, if the Society is wound up.

Privacy Statement

We collect and hold your personal information in order to provide you with member services. Your personal information is only disclosed to outside organisations in order to provide these services to you. Your name, company name & membership level will be listed on our website. We do not provide mailing lists to external parties for their advertising purposes. We do, however, mail third party information for a fee. Monies raised in this way go towards improving member services and are a small but important part of the Society’s revenue base. You are entitled to request a copy of your membership record at any time.