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About Nick Agafonoff

Director of Lived Experience at The Practice and Director of Real Ethnography. Nick is an accomplished qualitative market and social researcher, experienced ethnographer, professional videographer and documentary filmmaker. Nick consults on brand, marketing, communication, design and innovation strategy increasingly in the digital, mobile and interactive realms. He is interested in assisting organisations to deepen their engagement with target markets, groups and communities leading to empathy, understanding and better outcomes. Nick is a professional moderator, interviewer and observational specialist with over 20+ years of research experience. Whether it is in the group room, or immersed in everyday lives, or via online interaction, he is dedicated to deep exploration of users and consumers and what makes them tick. In addition, Nick has directed hundreds of ethnographic and video insight programs for a diverse range of clients and categories across private and public sectors, media, politics and not-for-profit. He has worked as a director of ethnography for leading boutique insights-strategy agencies in Australia, (Galileo Kaleidoscope and RubyChaCha), and between 2005-2010 he directed Interloper Media, a specialist ethnography house.


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