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All the world is a stage... well more like there are stages everywhere just of varying sizes. On leaving Year 12 with the hope of pursuing my Broadway dream, I entered into the world of Market Research interviewing (via a neighbour who knocked at the door looking for a teenager who bought chewing gum) to supplement my income and so that I didn't have to be solely reliant on working for the family business. I found face to face door knocking interviewing daunting but I also used it as a way to hone my acting and negotiation skills. Before I knew what had happened I quickly escalated up the ranks to Team Leader, Supervisor and then was appointed a Field Manager at the ripe old age of 19 and 3months - I have been told that to date I was the youngest FM ever... not sure if it is true, but at the time I wore it like a badge of honour. At this stage I had actively participated and logistically managed many face to face (including door knocking and shopping centre placement) interviewing campaigns as well as domestic telephone interviewing and business in-depth field work in between auditioning and rehearsing. I was still working casually (up to 60 hours a week!) when I was introduced to the world of CATI (Computer assisted telephone interviewing) at this stage I gave up on my professional music career and delved further into the world of MR. I really love new tech (that is now old tech) but I have always enjoyed learning how things work - so I even learned how to code in Surveycraft. My love of tech was not overshadowed by my love of people management, and as time went on I was Operations Manager of some of the largest CATI Rooms in Australia. I still have many close friends I met all those years ago whilst managing University students, actors, performers and young parents who had a night/weekend job of calling strangers and asking questions. Some very famous performers and some reputable doctors, lawyers and business leaders have sat in MR call centres I managed during the hey-day of CATI. I left the family of MR for 5 years in the early 2000's where I was enticed by the shininess of the entertainment world once again. On becoming the General Manager of Australia's largest nightclub (at the time) ARQ - I knew I was up for an interesting ride and it was... I was surrounded by celebrities, drag queens and dancers and was able to reuse my creative powers once again, weirdly enough managing MR call centres did set me up for running such a large beast of a business - it was just turned up to 300%. After 3 and a half years I moved on to working with a production house that was bringing out Jerry Springer. Yes, my life had taken another weird turn. All of this crazy had taken its toll, and I returned to the loving arms of MR as Director of Operations for a few years before taking up my role here at the AMSRS. I love the fact that my job here as National Events and Operations Manager uses all of my interests and skills (people, tech, project/campaign management, event/venue management, creativity, production directing and business negotiations) as well as my love for MR and the other people that have accidentally fallen into this wonderful and intriguing business.


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