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About Philip Derham

Philip Derham, Director of Derham Insights Research, specialises in finance, retail and franchise, communications, business-to-business and within-business and consumer research. He has worked with respondent groups ranging from the richest and most powerful to city "sophisticates" and regional dwellers, doctors, teachers, small business owners, blue collar workers, investors and those who live "hand-to-mouth" and those who describe themselves as "just mums." He is an experienced designer and manager of large and small, on-going and one-off, quantitative and qualitative research programs and has conducted research across Australia, the UK, the USA and New Zealand and so is sensitive to the local nuances that enhance research response. Philip's experience developed in roles with major media, market research, and government bodies, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, The Herald & Weekly Times and Roy Morgan Research. His qualifications include Bachelor of Arts (Monash); Graduate Diploma in Marketing (Chisholm); and Diploma in Market Research. Philip has attained the AMSRS's Qualified Professional Researcher certification in recognition of his expertise and experience as a leading market researcher. He is a Research Society and Business Boroondara member. He has taught marketing research and speaks often at seminars and workshops, explaining how research findings strengthen decisions and performance. To find out more, contact Philip Derham - by email at , on (+61) 0414 543 765 or via the website .


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