Matthew Anderson

Company: sarmat research

Membership Type: Full Member

Member since: 2004-02-01

QPR Accredited

About Matthew Anderson

A successful business leader with proven capabilities and experience in translating organisational and market data into actionable insights. Matthew has helped businesses across multiple industry segments including Resources, Utilities, Finance, Manufacturing and Travel leverage their strengths and realise opportunities through the power of accurate and timely information. Experienced in managing large data sets and finding data solutions and insights that will drive business improvements, he's also been involved with larger business development opportunities where data is a core component to develop and execute strategies to achieve organisational goals. I'm well-versed in increasing market share, retaining key clients, and exceeding aggressive revenue targets through outstanding customer service and deploying successful marketing programs. Matthew is a champion of innovation and visualisation, having leveraged both to deliver meaningful research in for commercial and government stakeholders. He is a quantitative specialist with strengths in strategy and storytelling. Matthew brings a unique strength in corporate, social and government research contexts, having led extensive work in Asia focused on social and economic impacts. His expertise lies in quantitative research, databases, business sampling and modelling. Specialties: Marketing leadership, Quantitative Specialist, Story Telling, Project Leadership, Innovation, Research and Analysis


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