John Marinopoulos

Company: Value Advisory Partners

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Membership Type: Fellow

Member since: 1997-07-01

QPR Accredited

About John Marinopoulos

John has over 20 years of experience of delivering strategic analyses and assessments to drive performance within business and government sectors. Specific areas of expertise include financial modelling, quantitative modelling, strategy development, program evaluation, econometric analysis, market and customer research and analysis, reputation measurement, risk assessment, stakeholder and reputation management and large scale project management. John is a Fellow of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and is a Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR). He is globally recognised as one of the driving forces in aligning research and consulting to achieve holistic evidence for government and private sector companies. As an accredited Gateway Reviewer for the Victorian and Australian Commonwealth governments, John has a detailed working understanding of planning, implementing and evaluating investments made by Governments. He has spoken widely at conferences in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia and is an authoritative voice globally on the use of evidence-based insights in organisations. As head of research at Melbourne Airport, John worked closely with the tourism industry in Victoria (Tourism Victoria) and across Australia with Bureau of Tourism Research. John's recent roles include Partner, PwC , Founder and Managing Director at Strategic Intelligence Group (12 years) and Head of Market Insights at National Australia Bank. John is currently a Principal at Value Advisory Partners and Executive Director.


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