Liane Ringham

Company: INSIDE STORY - Research and Knowledge Management

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Member since: 1981-06-01

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About Liane Ringham

Applied Anthropologist with significant commercial experience. I have track record in helping Australia's largest organisations and brands grow their success, reputations and engage better with stakeholders. I am method-agnostic bringing together qualitative unstructured and quantitative structured data sources to capture insight in a succinct compelling story with a blueprint for implementation. I believe the best outcomes come from defining the business challenge clearly and working in close partnership with clients as part of the client team. Proficient in business strategy, advanced data analytics, ethnography, moderation of groups, depth interviews with an honours degree in Psychology, a major in Anthropology and a masters degree in Commerce. Financial Services, ICT, Retail, Media and Utilities. Former National President AMSRS.


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