Gerard Atkinson

Company: ARTD Consultants

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About Gerard Atkinson

Gerard is an experienced evaluator, market researcher and administrator in the arts and culture sector, having completed projects in Australia, Europe, and the United States. Gerard designs and delivers evaluation strategies and frameworks for program portfolios, and manages complex research projects. He develops dashboards and visualisations that enable stakeholders to understand the meaning of complex data at a glance and provides clear and insightful reports. He has led the rollout of Tableau for multiple clients and worked in a variety of scenarios ranging from organisation-wide monitoring of live data to survey analysis. Prior to joining ARTD Consultants, he was the Manager of Evaluation for the Australia Council for the Arts, leading the formation of the team and development of the evaluation strategy for the agency. Before this, he led the delivery of market research and analytics services for the U.S. consulting firm AMS Planning and Research.


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