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About John Hoctor

In my role of Chief Tinkerer, I am helping to develop one of the fastest growing, behavioural research and video analytics agencies in the World.I get to work with some incredibly smart colleagues and clients and have a lot of fun doing so. We have a pretty unique culture, that attracts some of the best talent Globally, in the fields in which we operate. For decades Market research agencies have pedalled data based on claimed behaviour. While there are many agencies very vested in continuing to do so, the secret is out. Consumers do not really know what they will do or why they do it, so even if you ask a lot of them, you are often no closer to the truth.Watch Me Think are at the forefront of an exciting period for the market research industry. The understanding of the importance of capturing actual (rather than claimed) behaviour and emotion has reached a tipping point and we provide simple Global solutions to capture both.By doing so we are helping organisations turn "consumer centricity" into a cultural reality rather than a buzzword used by senior management.


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