Caitlin Bennetto

Company: Kantar

Membership Type: Full Member

Member since: 2017-07-01

About Caitlin Bennetto

Caitlin has responsibilities for client liaison, project design and implementation, field management, analysis of survey data and programming. Her seven years' of experience cover qualitative and quantitative research fields on both large-scale and smaller projects in B2B, government, non-government and private industries. Caitlin believes that qualitative and quantitative research only provide one side of the coin on their own, and a blended research approach is usually yields most valuable data and insights. She has experience with CAPI, CAWI, CATI, drop-and-collect paper surveys, self-complete paper surveys, SMS polls, focus group facilitation, in-depth interviewing, cognitive testing and product testing. Her primary focus has been with mixed- and multimode projects; frequently combining CATI and CAWI or quantitative elements with qualitative depth.


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