Anna Eades

Company: SBP

Membership Type: Full Member

Member since: 2017-02-01

About Anna Eades

Anna joined SBP as a Graduate Consultant in January 2016 and is primarily focused on research and strategy. Prior to joining SBP, Anna worked at both Hockey Victoria and Football Federation Victoria. During her time at these organisations she developed a strong understanding of sports participation and development, as well as competition organisation. While in her final year of University, Anna undertook an internship with AFL Victoria which focussed on growing female participation at the grassroots level of the sport. Anna brings a strong understanding of the sports industry and in particular the areas of sports development and competition management. Anna holds a Double Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sport Science, and Business (Sports Management) from Deakin University. Outside of her professional career, Anna has a strong passion for sport and currently plays at Hawthorn Hockey Club and is a member of Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club. Areas of expertise -Community sport development -Sports program development -Competition management and organisation


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