Suela Qemal

Company: Roy Morgan Research

Membership Type: Full Member

Member since: 2016-01-01

About Suela Qemal

A results-focused leader with a strong track record of strategy development, client engagement, team motivation and system optimisation to create a strong business unit with a long term vision for success.I am committed to cultivating trusted client relationships based on integrity, clear communication and an in-depth understanding of the clients business objectives and the dynamics of the industry they operate in. Throughout the course of my career, I have gained experience across a wide range of industry sectors including Financial Services (Banking, Wealth & Insurance), Telecommunication, Consumer Products and Media. Across all these industry verticals I have developed an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour playing a pivotal role across all aspects of strategy development, market entry, segmentation, brand love and equity, customer satisfaction, advocacy and new product development. I understand the need to balance effectively - between the company objectives, the requirements of the client, and the growth needs of the team. As such I develop and implement win-win-win strategies which support all elements to meet financial, client and team targets.As a leader, I empower my team and believe in inspiring and motivating others to fulfil their potential. Equally, I am committed to my own personal development and growth and I love the positive impact I have on others in helping them to identify objectives and goals to ensure their own success.My life philosophy: Dream, Believe, Focus, Achieve - Suela Qemal


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