Adam Allanson

Company: ORIMA Research

Membership Type: Fellow

Member since: 2000-08-01

QPR Accredited

About Adam Allanson

Adam Allanson has 25 years of experience in economic, social and market research. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University (ANU) and has been a Qualified Practising Market Researcher (QPMR) since 2004. Adam was a senior adviser in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and held various economic analyst positions in the Commonwealth Treasury. Adam established Allanson Consulting in 2006 and provides analytical services to a number of Australian Government agencies. He has broad experience in quantitative and qualitative research, lectures Microeconomics 1 at the ANU and provides statistics consultancy services to government agencies. He became an Associate Partner (Data Analytics) at ORIMA Research in 2014 and continues to specialise in providing research and evaluation services to public sector agencies.


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