10 reasons membership matters to you, your career and your business.

The Research Society is Australia's largest research and insights community. For over 65 years we have been working on behalf of our members to promote, protect, connect, develop and inspire across The Research Society network and beyond.

Membership of the Research Society can make a difference to you, your career and your business.

The Research Society...

Unites a community of like-minded professionals

Become a part of Australia's largest research community of over 2000 Insights professionals and users. You can connect to meet people, exchange ideas and grow your network through the Research Society's unique member base of curious, committed, progressive and ethical individuals and companies.

The Society provides a valuable forum for agencies, practitioners and clients to share thinking and perspectives so we can collectively advance and future proof the profession.
Chris Crook, Nature, Member since 1999.

Supercharges my career and research skills

Leverage an exclusive source of professional learning to grow your research skills and future-proof your career through each and every stage. The Research Society offers access to leading industry minds and experience, whether through best-in-class training courses or an unrivalled mentorship programme, you can learn from the best to be the best.

The Research Society is the first organisation we turn to for our core professional development needs. We know the team invests a great deal into anticipating the needs of the market and social research industry in Australia, and designing engaging programs that genuinely help members.
Sue Vercoe, SEC Newgate Research, Member since 2003.

Supports my business
for success

Gain the advantage through a comprehensive single source of knowledge, tools, quality assurances, professional standards and connections. Having supported the development of the industry for over 65 years, The Research Society brings together everything you need to deliver and utilise research and insights so you can focus on business success.

The Research Society is the go to place for the insights industry in Australia. It’s a crucial source of expert advice and verified businesses. The Research Society has always been a great source of support for both myself and my business.
Bianca La Serra, Telmy, Member since 2001.

Gives me confidence through trusted accreditations

Trust that you are receiving reliable research services. The Research Society is the exclusive home of the Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) accreditation, a benchmark to deliver compliant, best practice research in Australia, as well as The Research Society's Code of Professional Behaviour. This ensures you can confidently select partners and trust the data you receive each and every time.

The Research Society's Code of Professional Behaviour and QPR accreditation are valuable mechanisms that provide quality assurance and risk management benefits to providers and users of market and social research.
Szymon Duniec, ORIMA Research, Member since 2001.

Keeps me
up to date

Stay informed with the latest developments, tools and technologies. The Research Society delivers a continuous stream of resources and publications, including the exclusive Research News, webinars, training, The Human Insights conference and a host of regular networking events that keep you up to speed and able to act on the newest technologies and thinking.

The Research Society is at the forefront of innovative thought and leadership in our industry in order to prepare and promote members for this exciting new world.
Dr Con Menictas, Strategic Precision, Member since 2000.

Promotes the value
of my industry

Feel represented in the pivotal role you play within the industry and the industry plays in society. The Research Society actively advocates the diverse skills and crucial role of our members in delivering authentic insights that positively impact the world we live in. Our training and accreditation programs are recognised both within and outside the industry as marks of quality, ethics, innovation and performance whilst our annual awards celebrate and reward the greatest examples of the industry’s impact.

The Research Society is the superglue that holds our industry together. They are also our voice in the wider community and ensure our best interests are looked after.
Gillian Milne, McNair YellowSqaures, Member since 2001.

Connects me to a wider, global network

Expand your network through The Research Society's growing range of partnerships. We are committed to connecting you to the global research community as well as the wider marketing community, with an aim to provide further resources and networks that drive a well-rounded, inspired future for you and your business.

When I first joined, I had no idea just how valuable membership would be. The Society has given me many opportunities to meet peers, learn from others and keep up-to-date on the latest tech, tools, trends and opportunities. The society provides so much value - support when working locally or internationally, guidance for both clients and suppliers and training relevant for small boutiques to large corporates.
Elyssia Clark, SEEK, Member since 1996.

Helps me find my teams and ensure they thrive

Support in growing strong teams that allow your business to excel and your teams to thrive. The Research Society can help promote your business, identify accredited talent, link your open roles to the right candidates and further develop the skills of your teams through training, mentorship and thought leadership programmes.

The Research Society plays a massive part in ensuring our teams have the latest knowledge, training and accreditation. What’s more, they connect us with diverse potential talent so we can build the best team.
Lisa Salas, Ovation Research, Member since 2007.

Grows my personal brand and voice within the industry

Get involved in special interest groups, events, thought leadership, ongoing dialogue and education. The Research Society believes in collaboration where all members are heard. Not only can you leverage tools but represent your industry through active participation. From becoming a mentor to speaking at conferences, joining a working group to authoring an article, you can contribute to the industry and build you personal brand at the same time.

Being a part of the conference committee has allowed me to see how talented and broad ranging those in our field are. Being able to deliver the ideas, the examples and the exciting new trends within the annual conference is a privilege that I believe has helped make me and my peers more enlightened in our careers.
Belinda Aanensen, Fiftyfive5, Member since 2013.

Makes me a part
of something bigger

Drive positive change and create a better future. The Research Society is committed to creating a better tomorrow for the industry you work in and the world you live in. With an active focus on provide progressive thinking in how research is conducted to leverage the latest technology and developments as well as a more inclusive and diverse environment for all, you can play an active role in shaping a dynamic future.

The Research Society is literally a sum of us all. In my experience, it has been a vibrant community of like-minded professionals who share a passion for understanding how the world works, and who use that knowledge to make the world at least a little bit better.
Adam Rowland, Department of Health, Member since 2002.

Competition Terms & Conditions:

  1. The competition is being run by the Australian Market and Social Research Society (trading as The Research Society) ABN: 19 002 882 635. Address: 20-40 Meagher Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008.
  2. The competition starts at 12.00pm on 19th April 2022 and ends at 11.59pm on 30th June 2022.
  3. Entry is open to current financial members of The Research Society based in Australia, excluding Board Members, Staff and any paid contractors currently engaged by the Society.
  4. The competition allows members to enter a Draw to win a 50% discount on their individual membership fee for the 2023 Financial Year (July 1st 2022 to 30th June 2023).
  5. To enter the draw, a member must like or share any post that promotes the “10 Reasons Why” campaign made by the Society on its LinkedIn or Facebook pages. One entry will be added to the Draw for each like or post share made. Multiple entries will not be provided for multiple likes or shares of one individual post.
  6. The Draw will be made at the offices of The Research Society on 8th July 2022 and supervised by at least one member of the Board of the Research Society.
  7. Entries will added to a container and the winner will be randomly selected by the CEO of The Research Society or his nominated alternative.
  8. The Winner will be notified by email on the day of the Draw.
  9. If the Winner has previously paid their FY2023 membership fee, 50% of their fee will be credited back to their nominated bank account.
  10. If the Winner has not previously paid their FY 2023 membership fee, their membership invoice will be reduced by 50% of their membership fee.
  11. The result of the Draw, the name of the Winner and the Company they are employed by will be published in the first Research News Live email following the Draw.
  12. Any personal data or information collected in relation to this competition will be used solely for the purposes of determining the result of the competition.
  13. No Trade Permit numbers are required for this competition.