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Why should you log in?

Our website is interactive and by logging in, your entitlement to any discounted prices and access to resources is recognised automatically. It also enables you to view your own record, update contact details simply, view or download your invoices and receipts and track your professional development.

Login to our website uses a unique Username allocated for each person, plus a Password. These login details are generated by the system whenever a new record is created, and are sent by email at that time.


The default format for Usernames is firstname.lastname .

If a second record is created with the same first and last names (either another person with the same name or a duplicate record for the same person), the system will add 5 digits to the Username. Our Membership Coordinator can assist with edits to duplicate Usernames to make them user-friendly.


Initial passwords are set by the system as a random string of alphanumeric characters. You can reset your password at any time, by logging in and using the Change Password facility on the Home page. If you know your Username but have forgotten your password, you can submit a request to set a new one, here and a link will be emailed to you. Note: this relies on your email address being unchanged.

Help needed?

If you have updated your email address, don't know your Username or Password at all, or have any special requests regarding your login details, you can either complete our Login Help form, send an email to or call us on (02) 9566 3100

Membership Help

The following are commonly-asked questions about Research Society membership, with answers and appropriate links to further information on the topic. If you do not find the answer to your particular question here, please contact us at, or call us on (02) 9566 3100.

Q. How can I find out my Login details for The Research Society website?

A. You can submit a request for an email to be sent to you containing your Username and Password, here. Generally the format for Usernames is firstname.lastname, with a few exceptions (for example, where someone else may have the same name as you). Initial passwords are set by the system as a random string of alphanumeric characters. You can reset your password at any time, by logging in and following the "Change My Password" link on the right-hand side of our Home page.

Q. How can I change my contact details in The Research Society's records?

A. You can change your own address details here . If you are not already logged in, you will need to enter your Username and Password in order to reach the edit details page. If you don't know your login details or have any queries about the changes you need to make, please send an email to and we can readily help with your edits.

Q. How can I provide verification of my Research Society membership?

A. There are several ways in which you can confirm your Society membership to others:

  • All current members are able to verify their membership by providing the URL to their listing in The Research Society's Member Directory. This 'live' online directory is freely accessible by the public and clients, includes all active members and can be searched by the member's name or by a company name. Each member's page in the directory includes their name, associated company name (if applicable), membership level and joining date, and whether QPR accredited. Members can also customise their listing by adding bio information and/or a photo, or enable a facility to allow contact via our website.
  • Verification of current membership can also be made by providing reference to the list of all members available on our website.
  • All current members may use the Research Society Member Mark which they receive on joining and at renewal each year. The Member Mark can be included in email signatures, proposals and tender documents and members may wish to add a link to their Member Directory listing behind the Member Mark image.
  • Full and Associate members and Fellows may wish to supply a scanned copy of their Research Society membership certificate. These are issued when members join or upgrade their membership.

If you should need membership confirmation in a particular format for employment or visa applications or similar purposes, contact us at for assistance.

Q. Is there a Company membership category for The Research Society?

A. The Research Society offers Company Partnerships which include a specified number of individual Society memberships held by employees, in addition to other benefits for the company. A Partner company itself is not a Research Society Member but the individuals included under the Partnership are.

Q. Can a Research Society membership be transferred from one person to another?

A. Membership per se is not transferrable, as each membership is approved specific to that individual's details and their agreement to abide by the Code of Professional Behaviour. If the person's membership fees have been paid by their employer on the member's behalf, the fees may be transferred to another employee if the person leaves the company. The person to whom the fees are transferred must apply and be approved as a member in their own right before the transferred fees can be applied to their membership. Please contact us to arrange this.

Q. If I change companies, what happens to my Research Society membership? Do I have to re-apply?

A. No, there's no need to re-apply. Your membership remains in your own name, even if you have changed companies. We can update your membership record to reflect the new company's details, and can arrange for your membership fees to resume from that point in time, calculated pro rata for the remainder of the year. Please contact us to arrange this.

Q. Can I suspend my Research Society membership if I am going on parental, sabbatical or extended leave?

A. Yes, your membership can be suspended for up to a year. If you have paid membership fees in advance, a credit will be held and that will be applied to your membership when it is reactivated, to extend the expiry date by the equivalent period. You can request a suspension of your membership here. After the period of suspension is complete, you can request reactivation of your membership here.

Q. If I have been a member of The Research Society (or AMSRS/MRSA) in the past and I wish to re-join, do I have to re-apply or can my past membership be reactivated?

A. As long as we are able to locate details of your previous membership in our archived records, we can reinstate your membership without the need for you to re-apply. Reinstatement will be at the same level of membership held previously. If you were originally an Associate member and wish to become a Full member now, you will need to meet the eligibility rights for Full membership in order to upgrade at the same time. You can submit a request to reinstate your previous membership here.

Q. I am an Associate member and I wish to upgrade to Full membership. What do I need to do?

A. You need to complete our Upgrade Application form which you can do online, or by completing a downloadable form and sending to us. You can find further details and both versions of the upgrade application form here.

Q. How can I find out when my Research Society membership will fall due for renewal?

A. Details of your membership can be found in Your Membership Record in the For Members section of our website. You need to login with your Username and Password to access this. If you have more than one membership (for example you also have a membership of a Special Interest Group, or you are QPR accredited), select the relevant membership from the drop-down list. The Expiry Date of your membership will be displayed, along with the current status of your membership, and a message to indicate if it is renewable at that time.

Q. How do I renew my membership?

A. Memberships are available for renewal approximately a month before their expiry date, and members will be informed by email when they can access their renewals. Information about renewing your membership can be found here. Or you can login and go to Your Membership Record in the For Members section of the website, select the relevant membership and follow the renewal instructions displayed.

Q. How can I tell if my membership fees have been paid?

A. Login and go to Your Membership Record in the For Members section to view your membership details, and you will see the Status of your membership. A status of 'Renewal Due' indicates your membership has not been renewed, no payment has been received, nor has an invoice been raised for your fees. (You need to follow the renewal process to generate the invoice for renewal fees or to pay it online.)

Q. How do I join one of The Research Society's Special Interest Groups or Networks?

A. You can join these groups online, here. Some of the groups have particular eligibility criteria and applications to join need to be approved. Others are unrestricted and online applications are approved immediately. The details applicable for each are specified at the link above. Membership of each Special Interest Group or Special Interest Network is free.

Q. If I have a Special Interest Group/Network membership and I am no longer interested in participating, how can I opt out?

A. You can send a request to us to terminate your SIG or SIN membership here.