Webinar: Inside the memory

29th Oct 19

This webinar examines techniques on how to reconstruct memory during interviews. There is an issue with what people can or will say in conventional interviews.
In this presentation, you will see how an unusual interview technique developed for police investigations is producing exceptional results in market research.
Using real-world examples, this presentation will demonstrate how the memory reconstruction interview works, the science behind it and the ways it can help researchers uncover the underlying drivers of decision-making.
People are complicated and meaningful insights are often hidden. The memory reconstruction method is uniquely suited to reveal the kinds of things people often can’t (or won’t) say in traditional groups or one-on-one interviews.
  • When should we be concerned that we are not gaining real meaning during interviews?
  • How to solicit what people won’t or can say in conventional interviews
  • Learning the process of memory reconstruction
  • How to dig deeper into the underlying drivers of decision-making
Learning outcomes
  1. How an unconventional research method developed for criminal investigations, can be surprisingly well suited for market research.
  2. The capability to add the memory reconstruction interview as an alternative approach to your market research toolkit.
  3. How to reveal the kinds of things research participants often can’t (or won’t) share in conventional interviews.
Doug Grant
Managing Director, Inqui Research
As the founder of Inqui Research, Doug leads a group of exceptional qualitative researchers who consistently reveal richer insights into consumer behaviour. The collaborative, memory-focused approach he has refined over the years helps clients gain greater understanding of the people they serve.
Prior to Inqui, Doug co-founded Brandtrust and served as the managing partner for almost two decades. He has worked closely with talented psychologists, sociologists and others from the social sciences to uncover insights and inspire fresh thinking with a diverse range of companies across the globe.

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