Webinar: Fusing social listening with semiotics

14th Oct 19

This webinar will offer a new approach for unlocking depth of insight in your qualitative research projects. These stories are then decoded using semiotics as part of the social listening process.
By blending disparate narrative lines together, new harmonies can be created by using a mix of semiotics, social listening, creative storytelling techniques and traditional qualitative research. This includes listening to competing narratives and blending these narratives with client and agency voices.
This webinar will share a case study on "waking the sleeping beauty", Suze: how a careful fusion of social media analysis, semiotics, creative storytelling and traditional qualitative research helped shape a new strategy for the 100-year-old aperitif brand
  • How to uncover new insights by combining social listening with semiotics, as an adjunct to traditional qualitative research.
  • Utilising story telling for encouraging respondents to share deeper insights about their lives in relation to the research topic of interest.
  • How to fuse social listening with semiotics and storytelling for gaining insights not readily obtainable using traditional qualitative methodologies.
Learning outcomes
The value of taking time to tap into a respondent’s personal stories, as part of social listening to gain greater depth of insight, which can be further understood by applying semiotics
Sven Arn
Sven Arn is Managing Director and Partner at Happy Thinking People, a leading German research agency. He has been with the company since 1991 and became MD in 1997.
Sven regularly runs workshops and training courses to develop qualitative skills.
He is a recognised industry speaker and has been on a number of Programme Committees at various Esomar events including Annual Congress, the Qualitative Conference and the Insight Conference.

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