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Projective techniques are a go-to tool for the qualitative researcher. Why?

Because they are designed to reveal the hidden, or unknowingly masked, thoughts and feelings that drive so many key choices and behaviours. Many researchers often have a tried and tested set of projectives that they have used in interviews or focus groups. However when looking to translate these into an online arena, there can be some hesitancy or challenges.

In this Turbo Training session John will explore:

  • What projective techniques are;
  • Why they are effective; and
  • (Most importantly) why they are a perfect match for the online qualitative methodology.

John Whittle - Director, Client & Research Experience at Further - A Human Insight Company

John is a social scientist that made the leap from the world of academic research to market research. Drawing upon his background in studying the fields of identity, gender, power & technology, he has spent his time turning the theoretical into the applicable to help clients understand their audiences with rigour and speed...and does so by using considerably less words than he might have if he were still an academic!

In his time in the market research industry he has:

  • Helped Google understand the emotional context and barriers to smart home technology
  • Rebranded Barclays
  • Innovated bacon across three continents
  • Helped Channel 4 harness the power of diversity
  • Worked to explore and redefine modern masculinity for Gillette, EY and a few others
  • Worked with and trained nearly every big research agency on the globe

Being a bit of a methodological nerd, John often works directly with research and innovation teams to ensure that their projects harness the real power of online qual and teaches this best practice at Universities, for the MRS and in Further’s own webinar series. He is also directly involved with the management and creation of Further’s online research platform Together.

Outside of research he is an avid gamer, as well as a CrossFit athlete & coach; placing within the top 4.6% of fittest men in the world in 2021, out of a field of 138,000. Perhaps most importantly, he owns a German Shepherd Puppy that is already the size of a small horse and which takes him out for regular morning walks to ensure he isn’t sat doing that work thing for too long!

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* This webinar was recorded on 2 June 2022 and is available in recorded format. Register to receive access details to start this course at a time suitable to you.

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