QPR Webinar: How do (un) happy people behave online?

When undertaking social media listening, it is important to determine the impact that being online has on a respondent’s mental state. This has implications for our interpretation of what a respondent is saying/ doing online.
This webinar examines digital anthropology in terms of the impact that the internet is having on people’s mental state and how this state influences their preferences and purchasing behaviour.
Importantly for researchers, we need to be aware of these states of happiness/ unhappiness when collecting both qualitative and quantitative data online. Otherwise, we may well have captured in-built biases that influence the quality and validity of our research findings
  • What are the happy and unhappy zones on the internet and how does this impact the quality of data collected online about consumer behaviour?
  • How do states of happiness/ unhappiness induced by the internet impact navigation patterns?
  • How can we correct for inherent biases created by people’s online mental states when interpreting social data?
Learning outcomes:
By the end of this webinar, you will have learnt how to remove biases when listening to and interpreting online behaviour.
Speaker: Jennifer Roberton, UK

Managing Director, Respondi, UK
For over 15 years, Jennifer has been at the forefront of online research in the U.K., Europe and beyond. She has been instrumental in shifting analytical models from those based on self-reporting of consumer behavior to the fusion of data from a broad variety of sources, including the integration of consumers’ passive online behavior.
Under Jennifer’s leadership, Respondi received the MRS “Best Data Collection (Online)” award for a pioneering study of attitudes among refugees in 12 countries, illustrating that her approach to research not only benefits commercial clients but can be used to tackle and better understand complex issues of importance to society as a whole.

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