Masterclass 2022 - Business Storytelling

. . . Delivering Impactful Business Story Telling

Storytelling is the basis of everything human

This program will provide you with a disciplined approach to understanding:

  • What story you want to tell
  • How to build a better story
  • How to deliver it in a way that will engage your audiences and convert them to your understanding.

Session 1 - Finding the Right Story

This session includes:

  • Understanding what is a story;
  • Analysing who your audience will be;
  • How to decide what story you should be telling them;
  • Investigating the information you have and deciding what are the key elements to support the story you want to build.

Template tools will be provided to analyse the audience and the key elements that should make up your story. For example, we will provide a storyline template tool describing the six elements of any good story, and a template for deciding the type of story to be told.

Session 2 - Structuring Your Story

This session includes:

  • Understanding the elements of a good story;
  • Identifying what you are really trying to say;
  • Understanding what not to say;
  • Structural story building (beginning, content, engagement, reinforcement, drama, conclusion ); and
  • The three acts of all good stories.

Template tools will help build structural elements, and define your stories using three acts.

Learning Objectives or Takeaways

Understanding what is storytelling - a little theory, lots of examples on the way stories are developed and structured.

Analysing and decision making - how to identify the key data around which the story will be anchored, how to structure support data and information to make the story richer, while not distracting

Story structuring is a discipline that requires skills and techniques. We will share tools for identifying what is the right story, and to develop the story structure.

Adapting a story to delivery format and audience - we will provide examples of how to identify how to moderate a story for different audiences, identifying how to change and articulate.


Dave McCaughan, Storyteller

Dave McCaughan PhotoDave has over three decades of experience across the Asia-Pacific region leading the development of communication strategies. Originally based in Sydney he has lived in Bangkok (twice), Hong Kong (twice), Shanghai and Tokyo for a total of twenty-seven years and worked on extensive projects in all major Asian markets.

He spent over a quarter century with McCann Worldgroup, mostly as their head of market research and strategic planning for Asia, and also at different times heading their Hong Kong, Tokyo and Bangkok offices. During that time, he lead the development of advertising campaigns across the region for Coca-Cola, L’OREAL, MasterCard, Cathay Pacific, Darlie and many others.

In 2015, Dave established BIBLIOSEXUAL, a consultancy that is helping brands better understand the intersection of brands/media/people and how they can create stories that will stick.

In 2016, he also became Chief Strategy Officer for, a virtual research agency that uses various AI and machine learning tools to understand the narratives behind key issues and brands. And in 2018, he co-founded Marketing Futures, a Dhaka based consultancy that works with Bangladesh companies to reach global marketing best practice.

Dave has also had a passion for understanding the possibilities of an Ageing Asia for decades. Some of the clients he has worked with in recent years include TATA, Unilever China, Clinique, UBER, Australia Wool Corp, Shiseido, NISSAN.

In 2021-22, Dave has developed a multi-unit course on Business Storytelling for Tata Consultancy Services that has, so far, been taught to 2500 of the middle and senior staff globally.

Dave has presented at over fifty research industry conferences and events.

Event information

30th Mar 22 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM
6th Apr 22 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Start Time:
NSW | ACT | VIC | TAS: 2:00 pm -  4:30 pm
QLD: 1:00 pm -  3:30 pm 31 March / 2:00 pm -  4:30 pm 6 April
SA: 1:30 pm -  4:00 pm
NT: 12:30 pm -  3:00 pm 31 March / 1:30 pm -  4:00 pm 6 April
WA: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm 31 March / 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm 6 April

Arrival Time:
10 mins before start time.

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