Strategic partner conferences

The Research Society has an extensive network of strategic partners which provide our Members and Partners access to additional sources of relevant research conferences and training for their skill development at discounted or exclusive Member rates.

Market Research Society, UK

Research Society Members can access member rates for MRS Conferences and training and QPR points can be accrued for all hours of learning.

Uni of Georgia / Market Research Institute International (MRII)

Research Society Members receive a 10 % discount on all Uni of Georgia online training courses -some of which is recognised as an automatic qualification for QPR

The Principles of Market Research and the Principles of Pharmaceutical Market Research are an online certificate courses designed to teach the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge MRCBOK©. Nearly 9,000 researchers from 104 countries have enrolled in this program, which teaches the core skills needed to design and conduct impactful Market Research. This course is QPR approved and graduates of the Principles courses can receive an automatic QPR accreditation. With a copy of your Certificate of Program Completion, eligible graduates can be accepted immediately in the QPR program upon submission of written application. Principles of Mobile Market Research is a 10-hour online course exploring emerging mobile technologies and how they can be applied in research.

The Research Society is a proud supporter of the Principles programs.

Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC)

Research Society members can get discounted conference tickets to the annual APRC Conference which is hosted by a different APRC research association each year. In 2020 the APRC Conference is being hosted by CMRA in Chengdu, China on 12 & 13 November 2020

Global Research Business Network (GRBN)

Research Society Members can access GRBN learning resources and global training webinars at discounted rates.

Ashton Media

Research Society Client Partners can get free tickets to the annual 360 CX Symposium and Company Partners can get discounted vendor access

Insights Association, USA

Research Society Members can access member rates for Insights Association Conferences and training.

Research Association New Zealand

Research Society Members can access member rates for RANZ bi-annual Conference. RANZ members can access the Research Society QPR accreditation program.

Market Research Society
Uni of Georgia / Market Research Institute International
Asia Pacific Research Committee
Global Research Business Network
Ashton Media
Insights Association
Research Association New Zealand