National Conference

This year’s AMSRS conference was shaping up to be an absolute ripper.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we have had to postpone the 2020 Conference until May 2021.

If you’re in research and insights and are interested in knowing where our industry is going in the next decade, you need to be there.

THEME FOR 2021 - FACING 2030

This is a conference curated to be about the future. About facing 2030. About how we as researchers and consumer insights professionals get closer to the consumer truth.

Lots of dynamics underpin this matter, and at this year’s conference we plan to showcase best-in-class examples of what our industry has to offer. We’ve had over 100 submissions – an unprecedented number – so the bar is high.

With tons of content on topics ranging from the issues that matter most to clients, to the future of consumer panel data, to new age qual methods, to hot topics like passive metering, VR, new data sources, chat bots, AI, BE and System 1 measurement, this year’s conference promises to have impact and is a must-attend event for those agency and client-side alike.


And yep, our keynotes are hot:

  • Mark Ritson
  • Kirstin Luck
  • Adam Ferrier
  • Ray Poynter
  • Jeff Mercer from Microsoft USA

Be there! #researchtrs #mrx #facing2030

We are pleased to announce the two Conference Co-Chairs for our 2020 Conference. Both are well known and respected Melbourne Owner Operators who understand all aspects of research, data, consulting and business. They also have a keen eye on the future for their own businesses as well as the industry, to ensure that evidence based business and social decisions remain firmly with those best qualified to deliver insights. Both believe that as an industry we need to be seriously considering and further developing the skills, opportunities and technologies to invest in for our mutual future; the 2020 Conference being the perfect opportunity for this to occur.


Chris is the Founder & Managing Partner of Nature, a consumer insights and analytics consultancy that helps private and public sector organisations make business and marketing decisions using data from a range of sources and leveraging the latest technology. Nature was named B&T's 2018 Research Agency of the Year, and is twice Grand Finalist at ESOMAR’s Global Research Effectiveness Awards for commercial results derived through investment in insights work.

As well as enjoying the challenge of running a highly successful growing agency, Chris is at his best when working closely with clients to understand their business challenges and imperatives, and when applying his methodological expertise and multi-sector experience in crafting data and evidence-based approaches that will deliver clients the clarity they need to make key business decisions.

Chris’ agency Nature is now a business of nearly 30 consultants with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney, and has carved out a reputation as a strategic insights consultancy that drives business results.

Chris is excited to co-chair the 2020 AMSRS National Conference. Says Chris “with so much change at play in our industry, driven by new data sources and technology, the opportunities are endless for us to define our future success and navigate the path toward 2030.”



With over 25 years of research experience, Lisa is a trusted advisor to her clients. As the Founder and CEO of Lewers Research, she leads a passionate team of 20 who take pride in empowering business decision makers through best-in-class research.

Over the past 14 years, Lewers Research has developed into a highly regarded research agency, providing insight and strategy to some of Australia’s best-known brands, along with a range of not-for-profits, industry groups, B2B and B2C service providers.

The passion and focus of Lisa and her team resulted in Lewers Research winning the ESOMAR Global Research Effectiveness Award in 2019, as well as being shortlisted as one of three finalists in the 2019 B&T Research Agency of the Year.

Lisa thrives on building partnerships, introducing new thinking and new technologies, and helping her clients discover the impact of meaningful insights.

Lisa is excited to be co-chairing Facing 2030, the AMSRS National Conference for 2020. “The research industry is in an era of unprecedented change, and with change comes opportunity,” says Lisa. “As we face a new decade, it is a great time for those involved in research across the country to come together and engage in the exchange of ideas to help shape the future of our industry.”


We are at a time when we can take the best of the past, and combine that with the human skills we bring in understanding people, and look to the future by making the most of new technologies and data sources that are more available today than ever before.

Insights in Australia and globally now exists in a new competitive context, a new world of data, with dynamics such as the growing convergence of qual and quant making us need to rethink who we are, what we do, and how we fit in.

  • How do we ensure we evolve to meet the changing needs of our clients?
  • How do we ensure we move further up (rather than down) the value chain?
  • What are the challenges in doing so, and the capabilities we need?
  • If we seize this opportunity to consider these questions, we can thrive. If we ignore these dynamics, we may slowly decline as an industry. Now is the time for a future focus, by thinking and talking about our collective challenges and opportunities, from both a client and agency perspective.
  • In 2020 our conference is about looking forward to 2030 to consider how we want and need to show up as an industry.
  • How are we going to ensure we are the indispensable custodians of the consumer truth?

More information will be out soon!