Insight to Impact Games

A core aim of The Research Society is to promote and ensure that the Society and the Research and Insights Industry has a positive impact on the world we live in and makes a tangible difference to our society.

In keeping with this aim, The Research Society has developed a new initiative to help Charities, particularly those that may not have the resources to conduct their own research or develop their insights.

In doing so we seek to encourage graduate talent into our industry and help the younger members of our industry develop their skills by doing something fun, inspiring and worthwhile.

The Insight to Impact Games links talent success, team and talent curation, talent retention and talent attraction all in the name of a good cause.

The first edition of the games will be unveiled at the 2022 Human Insights Conference at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney on 24th August. This will be a special show & tell version to build awareness around the idea and get the juices flowing for next year’s games.

A win, win, win!

The benefits

For the Charity

  • Gain real and valuable insights specific to the needs of the Charity to help grow its capacity to deliver to its cause
  • Have some of the Research Industry’s best talent and emerging talent work on your project
  • Gain exposure to the Research and Insights industry and generate a new donations channel
  • Raise awareness of your charity
  • Generate positive PR opportunities

For the Charity

  • Attract new graduate talent
  • Raise awareness and interest in our industry
  • Raise awareness of industry standards and methodology
  • Showcase companies looking for talent
  • Showcase use of Industry specific technology
  • Highlight experts in our industry
  • Allow companies to work with and support new grads
  • Generate positive PR opportunities

Skills and development benefits

  • New Thinking / Innovation
  • Agile Management
  • Human Skills and Emotional Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Standards
  • Methodology
  • Risk And Governance
  • Create Evidence Based Insights
  • Storytelling
  • Mix Generational Thinking
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Career Testing
  • Network Building
  • Software/Platform review
  • Questionnaire Design

How it works

  • TRS has developed relationships with Uni’s and tertiary education institutions who will supply information to recently to graduate students.- in their last year of study or their first year out.
  • Students will be offered the opportunity to add themselves to our directory of players.
  • Insights Agencies/Business’ will create a team of 3 under 30’s young researchers with 1 senior staff member for guidance.
  • The agencies will be given 3 new players from our Student directory.
  • A client researcher will become your team adjudicator.
  • You will be assigned a creative agency.
  • With this newly formed team, you will meet once a week (online) for 8 weeks at a scheduled meeting time to plan and execute and report on your findings.
  • At the end of this time a Grand Final face-to-face event will occur where the methodology, insights found and experience gained and relationships formed are presented and a winner crowned.

The charity - 2022 Showcase

Skills and development benefits

  • Reading Opens Doors - that is, doors to future opportunities and choices.
  • Our purpose is to invest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote communities to provide the tools and resources they request to shape the direction of their children’s literacy future.
  • ILF supports remote Communities across Australia.