Research News Live Newsletter: 4 December 2019

4th Dec 19

AMSRS 2020 National Conference. Call for great ideas & great speakers

We are at a time when we can take the best of the past, and combine that with the human skills we bring in understanding people, and look to the future by making the most of new technologies and data sources that are more available today than ever before. Our 2020 conference is about looking forward to 2030 to consider how we want and need to show up as an industry...READ MORE

A strategy for building the business impact of insights: part 2

GRBN News: In part 1 we looked at the first two steps in the 5-step process to building an Insights strategy aimed at maximizing Business Impact. This month, we are going to take you through the final three steps needed to create a strategy....READ MORE

New president & leadership team announced for AMSRO

AMSRO has announced a new President and leadership team, following its Annual General Meeting. George Zdanowicz, CEO, Enhance Research has been elected President. He is joined by....READ MORE