Research News Apr - Jun 2022

Message from The Research Society President

Technology is a primary driving force for all industries and the research and insights industry is certainly no exception. Indeed, tech transformation could be said to be changing our industry more quickly than many others, particularly given the many suitable applications of developments in AI and machine learning.

Technology in research is not an entirely new topic. It is something that features very regularly at conferences and pops up in discussions on various research platforms. However, talk about it is often well ahead of serious hands-on experience for many of us. If, like me, you are intrigued by the possibilities but not exactly an expert in the tech then this edition of Research News is definitely for you!

This edition aims to explore how these new technologies are enhancing insights to create impact for business, governments, and communities. It also seeks to understand not only how technology enhances human intelligence but also where its limits might be. Greater speed, agility, accuracy, and simply new ways to think about what we do are clearly all positives. But what are the watch outs? Where do we need to tread carefully? I’m sure we all agree that as valuable as the new technology undoubtedly is there remains a very important role for professionals like ourselves to help our clients derive real meaning and action from the outputs.

We don’t of course expect this edition to answer every question, but we certainly hope that it is thought provoking and offers up some new avenues for us all to explore in how the new tech can add value to what we do. If you are like me then I hope it also helps you to move past some of the mystery around these tools and inspires you to dig a little deeper!

Tiina Raikko,
President, The Research Society

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