Free Member Resources During Covid-19

Journals (or articles) you can access without a paid subscription

In response to a request at our recent member catch-up The Research Society has started a list of relevant journals that can be accessed online without a paid subscription. This list is a work-in-progress and we will continue to add to this list.

Survey Practice
An AAPOR Online journal for Survey Practitioners -

Survey Research Methods
From the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) –

International Journal of Research in Marketing
Open Access Articles (not all articles are open access) -

Journal of Marketing Management
Open Source Journal –
Current Issue –
Archive -

Other Industry Association Magazines available online - Similar magazine to Research News

RANZ Interview Magazine –

Free Tafe Courses

TAFE 19 Courses in NSW released –


Free Member Webinar - An Introduction to open-source text analytics using R

The amount of text available to researchers has never been larger, so the requirement to use automated processes is becoming critical. Whilst there are some great commercial packages, in the current environment it makes sense to explore open-source options, and to enhance skills – hence the suggestion here to explore text analytics with some easy to use R procedures.


  • Enable you to process text automatically.
  • Learn what can and can't be done with simple text analytic options.
  • Set you on a learning course to enable the efficient use of text.

Learning Outcomes

  • By the end of this webinar, you will have learnt how to:
  • Understand the building blocks ot text analytics.
  • Organise and pre-process text for analysis.
  • Conduct a variety of analyses relevant to text, such N-grams and topic models.

Ray Poynter - CRO, Potentiate, UK
Ray is the Chief Research Officer at Potentiate, co-founder of NewMR, a Fellow of the MRS (UK), an ESOMAR Council member and well-known writer, workshop leader and conference keynote speaker. Ray has spent the last 40 years working at the intersection of research, technology and methodology. He has held director-level positions with a range of companies including Millward Brown, Vision Critical, Virtual Surveys, Intelliquest and The Research Business.

Password: freeformembers

Getting started with R
AMSRS R Webinar Examples 1

Members Virtual Catch up Session - Online Qual

Online Qualitative – Member Catch up and Resources

Our recent member catch-up focussed on Online Qualitative and presenters Bianca Plunkett from Telmy, and James Beauchamp and Bun Lim from Web Creator Suite shared their recent experiences of online qualitative in the time of COVID-19.

Bun Lim from Web Creator Suite shared some of their experiences conducting online qualitative research using asynchronous communities and synchronous live chats. He also shared an analysis of the changes they are seeing in participant behaviour in online qualitative due to lockdowns. You can learn more about this on their website at

Here are some tips from Bianca from Telmy to help you conduct online qualitative research.

Consider the technology you're using...

The platform or technology you're using is going to have an impact on how participants experience the research. Before commencing recruitment you need to know ...

• Can the technology can be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices or are limitations?

• Does it make a difference to your methodology and quality of responses if a respondent accesses via mobile or desktop?

• Do respondents need to download any apps or programs to be able to use the platform? What information do they need to be ready to go at the start of the fieldwork.

If you brief the recruiter in detail on the above, participants can be on-boarded properly and will be engaged and ready to participate at the right time!

Define what participation looks like...

There are lots of different ways to get involved in online qual research and the type of involvement from participants needs to be clearly set out during recruitment to ensure everyone knows what is expected from the outset.

Consider the following...

• Video tasks - not everyone is comfortable doing these so check upfront

• Synchronous qual means your participants need to be ready to go at the start of the session. Preparation is key, including get any log in info early!

• Asynchronous methods often require input over a few days - it's important that the respondent knows how often they're expected to login and whether there are any time restrictions (eg; Logging in twice a day at anytime over 3 days vs logging in every morning and every evening for 3 days)


When online qual happens over a few days, or when participants are given a few days to complete their task, it's important to keep track of everyone’s contribution.

Being able to prompt and encourage participants to jump in and complete tasks is an important part of ensuring high levels of contribution. You should check with your recruiter at the outset of your project to find out whether they will assist you to do this or whether it's up to you!

If you've got any questions about online qual, options available to you or the techniques we’ve built to maximise engagement, don't hesitate to reach out.

Thanks to Telmy for these tips.

Other Online Qualitative Resources

Following this webinar we have looked for some more Online Qual resources and we think members might find the resources on the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) COVID-19 Resource Page useful. You can visit that page

A great place to start looking at the page is the recent 5 x 40 Flash Webinar Series

Online Qualitative Basics in 5 Sessions.

Free Webinars / Fireside Chats with Business Thought Leaders

Australia - Via Saxon Speakers

Thurs, 2 July - Zoe Condliffe on the Gender Data Gap - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE
Tues, 7 July - Dr Claire Stevens on Human-Animal Connection - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE
Tues, 14 July - Tim Cope on The Virtues of Discovery - 10:00 AM - REGISTER HERE
Tues, 21 July - Stephen Scheeler on Digital Disruption - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE
Tues, 28 July - Danielle Di-Masi on Standing Out in a Digital World - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE

Tues, 2 June - Curtis McGrath on Shifting Focus - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE
Thurs, 4 June - Dr Bronwyn King on Influence & Purpose - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE
Tues, 9 June - Ron Gauci on Turning Disruption into Transformation - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE
Thurs, 11 June - Zoe Condliffe on Crowdsourcing & Gendered Violence - 10:00 AM​ - REGISTER HERE
Tues, 16 June - Jacqui Cooper on Overcoming the Odds - 10:00 am - REGISTER HERE
Thurs, 18 June - Dr Catherine Ball on Emerging Technology - REGISTER HERE

Tuesday, 28 April - Sam Johnson on Disaster Recovery & Community
Thursday, 30 April - Dr Amantha Imber on Productivity amid Distraction
Tuesday, 5 May - Wayne Swan on Navigating a Recession - 10:00 AM
Thursday, 7 May - Naomi Simson on Leadership in Challenging Times
Tuesday, 12 May - Andrew May on Staying Well Amid a Crisis - 10:00 AM
Thursday, 14 May - Janine Garner on Real Connections in a Virtual World

Recorded Saxton speaker fireside chats from last month: click here

These include:

  • Chris Riddell on Trends Emerging from Crisis
  • Lisa Messenger on an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Cian McLoughlin on Selling in a Crisis
  • Sabina Read on Living and Working in The New Normal
  • Nadine Champion on Resilience
  • Dr Norman Swan on Wellness & COVID-19
  • Julia Banks on Post Crisis Management
  • Bernard Salt on Australia beyond COVID-19

UK - Via Speaker Associaties

We Wont Stop Talking was hosted live but you can view the recordings here:

Programme (All times are GMT (London time))
14:00 Cosimo Turroturro & Tina Schneidermann – Welcome Remarks
14:05 Alex Osterwalder – Managing under Uncertainty – Speech + individual Q&A
14:25 Howard Yu – How Temporary Work Tools Will Become Permanent – Speech + individual Q&A
14:45 Rahaf Harfoush – Living and Working in a Connected World – Speech + joint Q&A
15:00 Thimon de Jong – The Trust Pendulum – during and after the Corona Pandemic – Speech + joint Q&A
15:25 Rita McGrath – Strategy/Strategic Inflection Points – Speech + individual Q&A
15:45 René Carayol MBE – Extraordinary Times Demand Extraordinary Leadership – In conversation
16:00 Mark Ritson – Brands Do Best in Times of Trouble – Speech + individual Q&A
16:20 Peter Fisk – How to Survive and Thrive in Crazy Times – Speech + individual Q&A
16:45 Wrap-up