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Established 2010

PO Box 1035
ASCOT VALE VIC, 3032 Australia

Alternative Address:
33 Grimes Road
Point Lonsdale VIC, 3225

Phone: 0429 814 382
Fax: 02 6169 3199
Contact: David Roberts

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General Information

RobertsBrown specialises in evaluations, market research and community consultation. We have particular expertise in the following topics:

  • advice on commissioning evaluations
  • designing and conducting qualitative research
  • community consultation
  • designing surveys
  • technical reviews of evaluations
  • developing program logics 
  • developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks and performance information systems

Staff in the company have extensive experience conducting evaluations, market research and community consultation in a wide range of sectors including:

  • aged care
  • homeless services
  • community and legal services
  • Indigenous communities
  • counter-terrorism
  • income maintenance and support
  • disability services
  • rural communities
  • education and training
  • small business
  • food regulation
  • workplace safety
  • health care

RobertsBrown is a small company whose size facilitates direct communication between the client and the principals.  We are also able to take on large jobs by working collaboratively with associates who share the same business philosophy. 

The fundamental goal of RobertsBrown is to meet the needs of our clients with a quality product.  Our aim is to provide information that is valuable and credible: information that will stand up to critical appraisal and assist our clients to make sound business decisions.  

We work hard to develop close relations with our clients and to engage those who will make decisions based on the research. The company works from first principles each time rather than applying a formula. We work collaboratively with the client to gain a good understanding of the client’s needs at both the strategic and specific project level.  We then work with the client to develop the best approach and methods given the particular circumstances and desired outcomes 


Community consultation

Our consultants have extensive experience and expertise in conducting community consultations and community engagement projects. David Roberts co-wrote the SA Health Commission’s ‘Community Consultation Guide’.


We use a range of methods depending on the goals of the clients and the community being consulted. The traditional methods such as submissions, public meetings, listening posts, citizen panels, surveys and focus groups can be very valuable. The World Wide Web offers new options such as community forums and discussion groups. Sometimes it is important to understand the detail of people’s

experiences or to facilitate active community participation. We have a range of techniques that can be used to get beneath the surface responses or to encourage active participation. 


Evaluation and market research

Evaluation and market research are core business for RobertsBrown. We take time at the beginning of each project to get the foundations right: to clarify the client’s need for information and how the evaluation information will be used. This approach gives greater clarity to the evaluation and facilitates the choice of appropriate methods.


Good analysis is what makes the product useful. We do more than just report what people say. We analyse and assess the data to work out what it means and give the client meaningful and useful information.


For all research and evaluation projects, we recommend a strategic workshop be held with clients before writing a final report. The purpose of the strategic workshop is first to discuss what the results mean and to assist the client to decide what strategic changes are indicated.


Technical Review

RobertsBrown also provide a technical review service, providing quality assurance to clients about the credibility of evaluations con ducted by other parties. We have extensive experience in reviewing evaluation reports and commenting on the quality of the work.


Qualitative research

The company offers a range of qualitative techniques: observation, interviews (including focus groups and other group interviews) and document analysis. 


Depending on the research goals we may recommend the use of projective techniques to gain insight into details of personal experiences and the underlying thoughts and emotions.


Survey research

A properly conducted survey provides information about the extent of a phenomenon. We provide a high quality questionnaire design and data analysis service. We recommend that all questions be thoroughly pre-tested using peer reviews and cognitive testing. We also recommend that the questionnaire be piloted to test sampling and the questionnaire structure. For large-scale surveys,

we sub-contract specialists to do the fieldwork and provide descriptive statistics. We then analyse the results and interpret them for the client.


Program logic

We work with managers to articulate the logic of a program. A program logic models the way a program is intended to work and how it is intended to bring about change. A good program logic enhances understanding about what can be expected from a program. It also provides a sound framework for developing performance information and evaluation questions. 

Research Society Members David Roberts, MAE, BA(Hons), QPR

Key Personnel

David Roberts MAE, BA (Hons), QPR has over 35 years experience in social and market research and community and business consultation.  David was President of the  Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) from 2012 to 2014. Prevously he was Chairperson of the Awards Committee of the AES responsible for assessing excellence in evaluation practice. He was awarded first class honours for his thesis for  a Masters in Assessment and Evaluation at Melbourne University.  His thesis aims to improve the quality of projective techniques by examining the psychological basis of responses. 

Janice Brown M.Eval, BA (Social Work) has specialist skills in community development, consultation, interviewing and conducting focus groups with people from a range of backgrounds.  Janice has extensive experience of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  She also has wide experience of consulting with government departments, not-for-profit agencies, peak bodies, businesses, community groups and individuals.


Research Fields:
  • Agricultural
  • Medical
  • Food and drink
  • Retail (excluding food & drink)
  • Social/opinion research
  • Health
  • Gaming
Research Methods:
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Children's research
  • Non English speaking background
  • Program evaluation
  • Face to face interviewing
  • Service quality studies
  • Group/in depth analysis and interpretation
  • Group/in depth moderation

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