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Established 2009

PO Box 4062
Cremorne VIC, 3121 Australia

Phone: +61 0414 296 911
Contact: Mary-Ellen Vincent

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General Information


Mevcorp is a research, insights and strategy business, providing expert quantitative and qualitative services to a range of sectors: consumer, B2B, not for profit, social and government.

The business was launched in 2009, by Mary-Ellen Vincent (Mev), a researcher with 20 years of experience, having worked in senior management roles in research agencies as well as advertising and media agencies.

Since then, Mevcorp has expanded to include highly experienced quantitative analysts and qualitative specialists. 


No data dumps - just clear insights. We're not just about the 'whats' or the 'how manys' - we realise that the 'whys' and 'so whats' are also very important, and our outputs are strategic in nature. 

We're 'big-small'. Mevcorp offers big agency experience, but without the cost premium that is usually associated with that level of expertise. 

Flexibility and agility. We are happy to work with you at your tempo - whether that is quick, agile and smaller scale or more in-depth and larger scale. 

Not sure exactly what you need? Sometimes you 'don't know what you need to know' or how to get there. Mev is an expert in diagnosing the best research approach to achieve your objectives. 


Our quantitative capabilities include online surveys and telephone surveys.

Our qualitative capabilities include focus groups, depth interviews and observational research or ethnographies.

Mevcorp's category experience covers a multitude of areas, including (but not limited to): food and beverage, online retail, charities, FMCG, financial services and insurance, healthcare, wellness, recreation, media and entertainment, automotive, home appliances, telecommunications, travel and tourism, education, aged care, energy and utilities.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Brand health tracking 
  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Segmentation
  • Concept testing
  • PR research/polls for press releases
  • Pricing research
  • Market demand testing
  • Healthcare Professional research
  • Customer journeys
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee or stakeholder surveys
  • Campaign evaluation
  • Social trends and cultural insights
  • Media audience and media effectiveness studies
  • Brand development and architecture
  • NPD

Advanced techniques we use include:

  • Statistical segmentation
  • Regression analysis and driver analysis
  • Correspondence mapping
  • Projective qualitative techniques
  • Semiotics

Research Society Members Mary-Ellen Vincent QPR

Key Personnel

Mary-Ellen Vincent (Founder and CEO)

Matthew Johnson (Senior Research Consultant)

Research Fields:
  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Communication & Information Technology
  • Finance & insurance services
  • International markets
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Tourism & hospitality
  • Building & Construction
  • Food and drink
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail (excluding food & drink)
  • Social/opinion research
  • Telecommunications
  • FMCG
  • Health
  • Other utilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gaming
  • Wholesale/retail
Research Methods:
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Brand health
  • Market modelling / sales forecasting
  • Business to business research
  • Market segmentation
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Choice modelling
  • Consultancy
  • Continuous tracking
  • Omnibus surveys
  • Corporate image / Corporate reputation
  • Packaging research
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty studies
  • Data processing
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Pricing/promotions research
  • Employee/staff surveys
  • Product testing/new product development
  • Program evaluation
  • Face to face interviewing
  • Readership surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Service quality studies
  • Group/in depth analysis and interpretation
  • Group/in depth moderation
  • Internet usage studies
  • TV & radio audience measurement
  • Online interviewing
  • Web surveys

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