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Established 1964

Level 6, The Bond 30 Hickson Road
Millers Point NSW, 2000 Australia

Alternative Address:
18/64 Balmain Street
Richmond VIC, 3121 Australia

Phone: +61 02 9563 4200
Website: www.kantaraustralia.com
Contact: Jon Foged
Email: jon.foged@kantar.com

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General Information

Phone:     Sydney office:   02 9563 4200

                  Melbourne office:    03 8862 5900

                  Brisbane office:    07 3011 4215

                  Perth office:   08 9489 4200


Research Services:

  • Full Research Agency
  • Business to Business
  • Consumer Research
  • Social and Government Research
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Data Analytics
  • Fieldwork (CAPI / CATI / CAWI)
  • Online Panel Provider

General Information:

Kantar is the world's leading evidence-based insights and consulting company.  We have a complete, unique and rounded understanding of how people think, feel and act, globally and locally in over 90 markets.  By combining the deep expertise of our people, our data resources and benchmarks, our innovative analytics and technology, we help our clients understand people and inspire growth

We understand more about how people think, feel, shop, share, view and behave than anyone else.

Our strength lies in the unrivalled diversity of our people, methodologies, specialisms and points of view. We go beyond the obvious - with intelligence, passion, and creativity - to discover opportunities, make recommendations, set strategies and plan actions that inspire meaningful, sustained, change and achieve extraordinary success.

Our expertise and validated solution portfolio contains our best thinking.  We invest in constantly looking for new ways to deepen our expertise, from unlocking new insights from neuroscience, cultural, qualitative and advanced analytics, to delivering faster and more cost-effective insights.

As a team we are collaborative, progressive, curious, inclusive and social. We love to learn, motivate each other and ultimately work together to inspire our people and clients to flourish.

Research Specialisation:

Kantar Insights Division:  Combining our expertise in human understanding with advanced technologies, we help organisations succeed and grow. We partner with most leading brands, along with challengers and start-ups. We specialise in six main areas of expertise to address our client's key business questions:

  *Brand - how to define, build and manage your brand for profitable growth

  *Customer Experience - how to win in the age of experience

  *Media - how to navigate media decisions to drive brand growth

  *Creative - how to grow our brand with extraordinary creative

  *Innovation - how to inspire and accelerate growth through innovation

  *Commerce - how to unlock the shopper moments that drive brand conversion

Kantar Public Division: We consult to Government, NGOs and NFPs across some of the most complex and high-profile challenges impacting individuals, communities and society. We specialise in providing the evidence and capability to inspire better public policies, services and communications:

  *Public communications - maximising the impact and ROI of public communication and Government branding

  *Behaviour change - how to inspire, and measure, meaningful and sustained change through communications, programs and policies.

  *Public policy and programs - from evidence in understanding needs, to execution and evaluating efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes.

  *Public services - bringing evaluation, service design, continuous improvement approaches and digital innovation to public services.

Kantar Consulting Division: Our work focuses on the HOW, working arm in arm with clients to drive insight into strategy and strategy into action. We pride ourselves in the ability to make the solutions to complex problems feel simple and actionable. We draw energy from the idea that culture is reshaping the world faster than brands and business can keep up. That growth can no longer be found by looking in the same places.

There are 3 parts to our offer:

  *Brand strategy - Future proofed purpose development  and expression, portfolio and architecture.

  *Innovation strategy - Category visioning, hunting ground development, ideation and optimisation

  *Capability and Organisational excellence - Capability plans, marketing ways, embedding.

Research Society Members Over 20 members

Key Personnel

Kantar Insights Division: 

CEO:  Jon Foged      jon.foged@kantar.com

Kantar Consulting Division: 

CEO:  Dennis Wong     dennis.wong@kantar.com

Kantar Public Division:

Co-CEO:  Kathy O'Donoghue      kathy.odonoghue@kantar.com

Co-CEO:  Ash Moore      ash.moore@kantar.com    

Kantar Health Division:

General Manager:  Vince Grillo      vince.grillo@kantar.com

Director Of Operations:  Fiona Larnach      fiona.larnach@kantar.com

Research Fields:
  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Communication & Information Technology
  • Finance & insurance services
  • International markets
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Tourism & hospitality
  • Building & Construction
  • Distribution
  • Food and drink
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail (excluding food & drink)
  • Social/opinion research
  • Telecommunications
  • FMCG
  • Health
  • Other utilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gaming
  • Infrastructure
  • Wholesale/retail
Research Methods:
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Mail surveys
  • Brand health
  • Market modelling / sales forecasting
  • Business to business research
  • Market segmentation
  • Children's research
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Choice modelling
  • Mystery shopping
  • Consultancy
  • Non English speaking background
  • Continuous tracking
  • Omnibus surveys
  • Corporate image / Corporate reputation
  • Packaging research
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty studies
  • Panel
  • Data processing
  • Desk research/market analysis
  • Pricing/promotions research
  • Employee/staff surveys
  • Product testing/new product development
  • Experimental design
  • Program evaluation
  • Face to face interviewing
  • Readership surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Retail audits
  • Group room facilities
  • Service quality studies
  • Group/in depth analysis and interpretation
  • Group/in depth moderation
  • Syndicated studies
  • Group/in depth recruitment
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Internet usage studies
  • Lab testing facilities
  • Website evaluation
  • Online interviewing
  • Web surveys

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