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Established 1995

Level 11, 60 York Street
Sydney NSW, 2000 Australia

Phone: 02 9299 8907
Contact: Andrew Strachan

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The City Group Rooms is Australia's largest independent focus group facility network. We provide superior focus group rooms right across Sydney. With just one email or phone call you can book all four facilities. We have 7 rooms in Sydney CBD, 4 in North Sydney CBD, 7 in Parramatta CBD and 2 in Hurstville CBD. There is almost always a room available to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on catering to special requests, to please you and your clients.

All of our rooms/facilities include or have available:

  • High Definition (HD) recordings of all groups and live HD video on all viewing room TV's
  • HD digital video & digital audio recordings of all groups
  • Internet connected PC in every room. USB, internet, YouTube,  playback on large TVs all with available laptop PC input
  • Whiteboards, shelving & flipcharts/butchers paper on an easel
  • Spacious viewing rooms, seating up to ten viewers in comfort
  • Complimentary high speed Wi-Fi
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • 18 of 20 rooms have both mirrored & HD CCTV viewing
  • A short walk to the nearest major railway station
  • Informal settings available on request
  • Shop shelving displays
  • Affordable HD CGR webcasting service; view groups from anywhere in the world (FocusVision also available)
  • UX - User Experience computer lab facilities -phone/tablet/PC screen recording & viewing
  • Eyetracking 
  • CLT Quantitative testing
  • Cash incentives
Sydney CBD
The City Group Rooms
Level 11, 60 York Street
Tel: 02 9299 8907
Parramatta CBD
The City Group Rooms West
Level 4, 85 George Street
Tel: 02 9635 9024
North Sydney CBD
The City Group Rooms North
Level 18, 122 Arthur Street
Tel: 02 8920 1666

Hurstville CBD
The City Group Rooms South
Shop 5, 438 Forest Road
Tel: 02 9191 7870
Fax: 02 9580 9799

Research Society Members Andrew Strachan

Research Methods:
  • Group room facilities
  • Internet usage studies
  • Lab testing facilities

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