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Company Details

Established 2014

26 Harrington Square
Altona VIC, 3018 Australia

Phone: +61 03 9315 0304
Website: www.podresearch.com.au
Email: melanie.helmy@podresearch.com.au

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General Information

With a particular focus on innovation and branding, our experience spans across a number of categories including FMCG, healthcare, retail, education and more. Our detailed innovation process spans the early insight generation through to product / sensory research. We utilise a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques to help companies thrive in the future.

Our Melbourne office is equipped with a multi-use facility that accommodates custom designed sensory testing booths and a focus group room complete with viewing facility.

We think a pod is such a clever thing. From pea pods, pods of whales and dolphins to the pod you sit in at work they all exist as a means of support. Melanie created pod research with this in mind as a way to support flourishing research agencies, marketing consultants, advertising agencies or company insight managers with the research support they require.

Melanie has 15 years experience in qualitative and quantitative research having worked at some heavy hitting client side companies abroad such as Procter & Gamble in London and NYC, Mars Wrigley in Western Europe and a global position at Remington London as well as working supplier side in Australia for Colmar Brunton and GfK. These positions allowed Melanie to gain a broader perspective across multiple categories and businesses of all sizes as well as a broad range of research objectives and cultural differences.

Michelle is the most recent addition to the pod research & strategy team as an experienced project manager. Prior to joining us, she was instrumental in the research of a large number of new products, especially in the healthcare and over the counter (OTC) medicine space where her background in science has provided her the analytical rigour and understanding of the importance of process that a career in market research requires. Most recently, Michelle has worked across a number of FMCG brands across a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies researching everything from brand perceptions, shopper behaviour and ideation projects.

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Key Personnel

Melanie Helmy (Owner & Director)

Michelle Gilmore (Project Manager)

Research Fields:
  • Advertising
  • International markets
  • Media
  • Tourism & hospitality
  • Food and drink
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail (excluding food & drink)
  • Social/opinion research
  • Telecommunications
  • FMCG
  • Health
  • Other utilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wholesale/retail
Research Methods:
  • Analysis and interpretation
  • Brand health
  • Business to business research
  • Market segmentation
  • Children's research
  • Consultancy
  • Continuous tracking
  • Corporate image / Corporate reputation
  • Packaging research
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty studies
  • Pricing/promotions research
  • Product testing/new product development
  • Program evaluation
  • Face to face interviewing
  • Group room facilities
  • Group/in depth analysis and interpretation
  • Group/in depth moderation
  • Lab testing facilities
  • Online interviewing
  • Web surveys

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