New Best Practice Guidance on Mobile Optimisation now available

22nd Feb 21

The Research Society is pleased to support and share with its membership guidance issued by The Market Research Society (MRS) on Mobile Optimization – the process of adjusting research designs to ensure ideal access to surveys and data collection on any device. Such practices improve the research experience, participation, completion rates and, ultimately, data quality.

These guidance have been informed by research performed by MRS in collaboration with Dynata, Kantar, Lucid, and Toluna. This research has identified an increase in the number of participants accessing research via mobile phones, particularly in the younger age groups; and has determined that abandoned research is a major driver of overall participant and research panel attrition.

Allowing participants to choose their preferred device for research completion is important for research representativity and feasibility. We encourage you to adopt the best practice guidance detailed in this report.

The Professional Standards Officer said 'This guidance gives clear advice on optimising survey design that is applicable to all surveys - a valuable resource for Members'.

Research Society Members & Partners can download the Best Practice Guidance here.