Meet Our latest Qualified Professional Researchers - 3rd Quarter 2020 Graduates

9th Sep 20

The Research Society QPR

Congratulations to our latest QPR accredited members Tommy Chau, Dr Uwana Evers, Elizabeth Shu, Samantha Skalak, Jaclyn Thorne and Garrett Tyler-Parker.

The Professional benchmark

Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) is an accreditation available to all types of research and insights professionals.

It is the continuous professional development (CPD) scheme for the research profession and the QPR mark demonstrates your research experience and formal qualifications. It also means that you have made a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain your competitive advantage.

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Tommy Chau

Senior Data Analyst, ORIMA Research

“Our work as marketing and social researchers can only influence positive change if we have our clients’ and the public’s trust. I believe the QPR accreditation goes a long way to building that trust through an easily recognisable industry seal of approval. Being able to obtain the accreditation through the completion of the Principles of Market Research course from University of Georgia was an added bonus. Completing the course improved my appreciation of the work we do as market and social researchers. Having completed my university studies in quantitative marketing research 10 years ago, being able to refresh my knowledge as well as discover parts of the industry less familiar to me was a valuable exercise. I am also more confident in approaching legal and ethical issues such as privacy which would likely become a much larger focus for our clients and the general public in the near future. Therefore, developing that trust and earning that respect as an industry professional is integral to my career and the industry as a whole.”

Dr Uwana Evers

Data Scientist, Pureprofile

“As Pureprofile's resident Data Scientist, I am privileged to have a varied role across a broad spectrum of projects. Primarily, I conduct novel research through Pureprofile’s extensive panel on topical and industry-relevant issues and produce insights for publication. It is also part of my role to provide advice on research projects to our clients and deliver workshops on wide-ranging topics including research skills, survey design, and basic analysis & statistics. I obtained QPR accreditation to demonstrate that I am committed to ongoing professional development and to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving social and market research industry. The Research Society is a wonderfully supportive community, and I am already enjoying the QPR journey.”

Elizabeth Shu

Director and Principal Consultant, The Social Yield Pty Ltd

“My research and evaluation career has taken me on an incredible journey over the last 19 years, from Australia to North America and back again. During that time, it has been my privilege to support governments, education providers and not-for-profits to create and sustain social value. To have my experience recognised through QPR accreditation is an enormous honour. It’s also a homecoming of sorts—it means finding my place within an inspiring community of practice. I’m grateful to the Research Society for their warm welcome and for providing this scaffolding for enriching my practice in the years to come.”

Samantha Skalak

Research Consultant, ORIMA Research

“I have over five years of experience in the market research industry, working with a range of primarily public sector clients. My main areas of specialisation are in performance measurement, communications and policy research. The process of obtaining QPR accreditation was important for me to consolidate what I have learnt through my experience in the industry and improve upon my knowledge further. Holding QPR accreditation demonstrates and supports my commitment to continuous improvement and upholding the highest quality standards.”

Jaclyn Thorne

Director, McGregor Tan

“As Co-Owner and Director of McGregor Tan, one of the country’s oldest family owned market research agencies, I am proud to be a young female leader in this industry. Having worked in various Government and Non- government tourism related roles over 15 years, my passion lies in community and tourism development. As a market researcher, my field of expertise is qualitative research, and I thoroughly enjoy helping clients to find deeper understanding of their products/ services through qualitative research activities. I have a particular interest in the field of Cx and am undertaking further study in this area to support my practical experience, as I believe this is very much a growth area in business.

It was really important to me, coming from a marketing and project management background to work towards my QPR and gain a formal qualification in this field. Although I have over 15 years’ experience as a marketer, and almost five specialising in market research, I learned a lot through the QPR process and look forward to learning, developing and contributing to the growth of the industry over the years ahead.”

Garrett Tyler-Parker

Managing Director - Canberra, Pollinate

Garrett is the Canberra Managing Director of Pollinate Research, an independent market and social research company. With research experience in Australia and SE Asia and previous experience in Parliament House’s Federal Press Gallery, Garrett brings a well-rounded, real-world perspective to research, incorporating human behaviour and systems thinking, delivering actionable results.

“Having QPR accreditation is a positive and clear way to communicate the high-quality research and insights we deliver, and demonstrate my personal commitment to continual professional development."

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