Meet Our latest Qualified Professional Researchers - 1st Quarter 2021 Graduates

30th Mar 21

The Professional benchmark

Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) is an accreditation available to all types of research and insights professionals.

It is the continuous professional development (CPD) scheme for the research profession and the QPR mark demonstrates your research experience and formal qualifications. It also means that you have made a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain your competitive advantage.

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Rachel Bevans

Managing Director - Strategy & Planning, The Healthy Brand Company

“Equal parts strategic client marketer, agency consultant and, now, director of strategy and planning in my own consultancy, research has always played a big and enjoyable part of my role over the last 28 years.

Obtaining the QPR is important to me to demonstrate to clients, partners and myself that I practice to a professional quality standard and am committed to continuing to learn from the best, keeping my knowledge current and expanding my knowledge into new areas. It’s important to be up-to-date with the ethics and regulatory components, to protect our respondents, clients and their data. It helps to know what I don’t know, find people who do know, and remind myself of what I may have forgotten or not used in a while. And there are always new fields of research, new tools, technology and techniques to learn, add to my toolkit and add value for my clients.”

Jacky Heath

Director, Insights, Lonergan

“Having stumbled upon market research many moons ago in the careers office of the University of Nottingham, UK I am lucky to be one of those people who loves their work. Having spent my career in research agencies I have enjoyed a constantly changing mix of clients and projects with no two days the same. I have been thinking about QPR for quite a while but like so many things it took a while to get to the top of the list. I find this is the case with professional development generally and this for me is one of the key benefits of QPR – it will help me carve out time for more focused consideration of topical industry issues, as well as keeping abreast of new ways of thinking and research approaches.”

Lucie Holliday

Research Director, Quantum Market Research

“I started my research career in Melbourne almost 20 years ago, and after 15 years in the industry in my home country of the UK, I am back here in Melbourne where I am a Research Director at Quantum Market Research. My work over the years has spanned sectors including tech and electronics, the charitable sector, travel and tourism, FMCG and retail, financial services and more. I’ve always had a passion for understanding how people make decisions, and how this knowledge can be used to help my clients make better products, services and communications.

As a relative newcomer to the Australian market research industry, it’s essential that my new clients have faith in my experience and abilities as a researcher; gaining my QPR accreditation is an important part of that. I also think it’s a good thing for us as an industry to recognise and encourage a continuing commitment to personal development.”

Chris Marmo

Co-founder & CEO, PaperGiant

Dr Chris Marmo is the co-founder and CEO of strategic design agency Paper Giant. Chris has a background in anthropology and leads teams of researchers and designers through a diverse range of design projects. He is passionate about helping organisations work with customer and community research to deliver better products, services and policies.

Lucy Marshall

Senior Research Consultant, Orima Research

“I’m in my tenth year working in the research industry, specialising in qualitative research for the public sector. My specialisation is in the topic area of health, but I love working on any project where I have the opportunity to have a positive impact – on my clients or the community.

For me, gaining QPR accreditation means showing to my clients, colleagues and the broader industry that I’m committed to best practice research and continuous professional development.”

Ashima Mehta

Senior Manager, Innovation Insights – AustralianSuper

“I am responsible for managing the team that delivers bespoke consumer research to the Fund. Being client side, gaining QPR accreditation meets a number of different objectives; it demonstrates expertise internally to stakeholders providing them reassurance that their business objectives are in capable hands, the ability to interrogate supplier approach and methodology and also hold them accountable to the high-level of ethics and standards applicable to us as researchers, and finally the opportunity to demonstrate my commitment to the industry, and my career, by being part of the QPR community dedicated to continual learning and development”.

Dr Virginia Munro, PhD

“My passion for research started early! Statistics being a strong component of a Psych (Hons) degree and an MA research proposal in Clinical Psych, I then expanded to Organisational Psychology (in practice) and Research Journalism, followed by an MA in Business, a PhD in Corporate Social Responsibility and ongoing projects in the business arena. It has been a consistent journey in global research and practice throughout. I still remember my first student job with Frank Small, later returning to work for Taylor Nelson Sofres (now Kantar), as a Senior Executive, before focusing on development projects locally and overseas. My quest for knowledge and respect for people’s diverse stories continues, whether that be by numbers, words or modelling. ‘Research' provides impact, insight and some kind of certainty in an uncertain and changing world. Thanks to the Research Society for the opportunity to keep up my PD. (Watch a video on Virginia’s most recent book:”

Izabella Wojciechowska

Research Manager, The Evolved Group

“I have more than five years’ experience working in academic and commercial research settings in the UK, Canada, and Australia. While I primarily use quantitative methodologies to solve clients’ problems, I have a generalist qual and quant skill set.

Gaining QPR accreditation is an important milestone in my career trajectory. Becoming a Qualified Professional Researcher means committing to investing in my professional development and taking steps to broaden my horizons in a rapidly evolving industry. I am incredibly grateful to have access to this program and I look forward to the journey ahead. “

Click here to download the QPR application form now or click here to find out more.