Meet Our latest Qualified Professional Researchers

1st Aug 20

The Research Society QPR

Congratulations to our latest QPR accredited members May Doan, Anita Ganguly, Daniel Harvey, Adriana Heinzen, Elyse Lloyd, Vaun Peate, Lisa Salas, Simone Sietsma, Merryn Spencer, Cecile Thornley and Winnie Wong. All gained their QPR via the new QPR entry pathways.

The Professional benchmark

Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) is an accreditation available to all types of research and insights professionals.

It is the continuous professional development (CPD) scheme for the research profession and the QPR mark demonstrates your research experience and formal qualifications. It also means that you have made a commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain your competitive advantage.

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May Doan

Research Consultant, ORIMA Research
“Since starting my career in the market and social research industry five years ago, I have had the privilege of learning from, and working alongside, so many bright minds in this dynamic and evolving space. After gaining hands-on experience conducting quantitative research projects for various public sector clients, obtaining QPR accreditation was the next step in my career path, and will enable me to demonstrate a commitment to excellence, quality, and continuous professional development. I’m very excited to join the QPR community and continue my learning journey.”

Anita Ganguly

Associate Director, Quantum Market Research
“I’ve been working in the research industry for nine years, firstly in the UK and for the past five years at Quantum Market Research. I work across a broad range of government and commercial clients and equally enjoy applying quant and qual methodologies to get to the heart of our clients’ business issues. I have been fortunate enough to work with, and learn from, some of the best in the industry. Knowledge-sharing through attending industry events and networking sessions has always provided me with thought starters, and I believe that the QPR scheme provides a great framework for ensuring my professional development and learning remains current. Holding QPR accreditation alongside several members of the team at Quantum makes our clients feel they are in safe hands and gives them confidence in our point of view as industry experts.”

Daniel Harvey

Founder & Head of Research, Heilprin Advisory
“I feel very honoured to have received my QPR accreditation and thank The Research Society for their decision to include me. Throughout my career, I have always worked across market research and insights no matter what role I was in. I have worked privately with multiple organisations of all sizes and industries in order to offer relevant courses of action and provide recommendations for future activity. I am a firm believer in the importance of this often overlooked aspect, and achieving QPR accreditation will allow me to be held in a higher esteem and convey that I am indeed qualified to deliver these projects.”

Adriana Heinzen

Trend & Innovation Consultant, Mintel
“Market research and the world around us are transforming at an accelerating pace. Acquiring QPR accreditation is a commitment to staying up to date with the latest industry developments, upholding the highest ethical standards and providing the best level of service to clients. My work in new product development requires me to constantly push the boundaries of innovation across a wide range of industries. Joining The Research Society also allows me to connect with fellow researchers, share ideas and collaborate – often this leads to better outcomes; even if it doesn’t, it makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable!”

Elyse Lloyd

Researcher / Data Analyst, newfocus Research
“I work as a researcher and analyst for newfocus research and specialise in design of sampling approaches and higher statistical analysis, as well as managing both qualitative and quantitative projects. At the end of 2019 I completed my Masters of Science in Applied Statistics, which was when my colleague said to me that I should look at QPR accreditation as a way of showing my commitment to professional development. I think it is important to have this program to show that this industry has such a strong emphasis on lifelong learning and that it gives confidence to all who are involved in and use market research.”

Vaun Peate

General Manager Qld Division, ORIMA Research
“Vaun Peate is the General Manager of the Queensland Division of ORIMA Research. He combines a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons, ANU) and Executive Education in Innovation (INSEAD, France) with a passion for helping organisations improve performance through delivering quality performance information and evidence-based actionable insights. He is a published researcher with experience in senior state and federal government decision making and policy roles. Vaun has been aiming to attain QPR accreditation for a number of years and the new entry pathways facilitated this. He sees QPR accreditation as helpful to his ongoing professional development and an important quality indicator for ORIMA Research’s clients.”

Lisa Salas

Head of Commercial, TEG Insights
"Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I have spent the last 13 years in various roles in the online data and panel space from operations, panel, product and business development. My main expertise centres around accessing and managing data whether it’s privacy and compliance to understanding online behaviours, panel, data sources and the opportunities for researchers, brands and marketers to realise its value. Gaining my QPR accreditation was important to me as it validates my experience, knowledge and qualifications to a recognised standard for market and social researchers in Australia. It also shows my ongoing commitment to learning and professional development through training and active participation in the industry."

Simone Sietsma

Head of Leadership Development Pathway, Group HR, Commonwealth Bank
“Leader Development is what I am most passionate about and has been at the core of my professional experience for over 20 years now. Currently, I work with the top 500 leaders in our organisation to help them perform well as leaders by making effective leadership decisions.  At the heart of doing this well, is the need for them to have access to high-quality research and information and, part of my role is to do that.  That is where being a QPR is invaluable. It helps me to build trust with leaders quickly, as it provides reassurance that I commit to the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and ethics while conducting the research and providing them with the insights they need. Further to this, I also enjoy the ongoing requirement to develop professionally in the field of research.”

Merryn Spencer

Senior Consultant - Insights, Communications and Creative, RPS

“I’ve been fortunate to have a really amazing career journey so far and have informally built skills in designing, collating, synthesising and analysing data for around 12 years across a broad range of sectors. I feel it is critical to obtain the QPR accreditation, firstly, to offer a more strategic and story-based insight approach for our amazing clients, building better value for them. Secondly, it was time to move things to the next level in my skill-set and obtain industry-recognised skills that are sharp and current and be across the latest in thought leadership for our industry. We are so lucky to work in an area experiencing rapid change and there are further great opportunities to come.”

Cecile Thornley

Director, The Navigators
“The market research industry is facing pressure from DIY and quasi-research practitioners, making it particularly important to establish myself and the team at The Navigators as deeply expert in the field, which the QPR accreditation reinforces. The QPR accreditation instils a sense of discipline around professional development, ensuring that thinking remains current in this fast-moving environment.”

Winnie Wong

Research and Evaluation Advisor, Independent Schools Victoria
“There were two reasons for gaining the QPR accreditation. First, it demonstrates expertise and communicates my commitment to deliver best practice research to schools, partners, and colleagues by adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards. Second, it is a way for me to maintain my professional development and explore innovative ways using the latest research techniques, trends, and requirements to deliver high-quality research outcomes. Being an accredited QPR practitioner reflects my passion for life-long learning and the importance of reskilling and embracing new ways of doing things.”

Click here to download the QPR application form now or click here to find out more.