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8th Oct 20

We have entered quarter four of what can only be described as one of the most challenging years. The next three months and moving into 2021 will continue to bring significant change; changes to operating models, decision making, and workforce strategies. Workforces across the globe have been impacted by COVID-19 and the research sector is no different.  

The Research Society is committed to retaining, strengthening and developing our talented and dedicated professionals in the research sector. We have a couple of exciting opportunities to help research professionals.

NEW Data Analytics Workshops

The Research Society is very pleased to present a new way to learn analytics in our Online Data Analytics Workshops starting 10 November. In this new learning format, we’ll focus on one topic each week for 4 weeks.

On Tuesday mornings a 2-hour session will introduce you to the learning content for the topic. A recording of the learning materials for this session will be available - you can attend live or catch up later (or both).

A homework assignment will help you consolidate your learning and on Friday morning we’ll get together to debrief the homework solutions and have time for Q & A.

Please visit the website for more details about the course and to register:

CX Opportunities through our Partnership with Ashton Media:

The Customer Insights Symposium is back on the 27th-28th October in the glorious Hunter Valley, safely bringing together the Customer Insights industry together to support and learn from one another, and to examine best in class research and insights as we strive to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

Now more than ever, your network is key to your ongoing success as a Customer Insights professional - what have your peers learned this year that you can leverage to thrive in a downturn?

The safety of the audience is of paramount importance – you can view the event’s full onsite COVID-19 safe plan here. This year’s event will also be hybrid in format, so for any interstate members unable to physically join us at the event, you can enjoy an unparalleled immersive event experience from the comfort of your own home.

As a member of The Research Society, you have exclusive access to attend and preferable rates for sponsoring the event. For more information on being involved, please reach out to Tim Stuart-Harris at Ashton Media, the organisers of the event – +61 (0)402 567 117.

CX Awards

#CX Awards – The Research Society is proud to sponsor the “Best Use of Customer Data and Insights to Improve CX” Award at the upcoming CX Awards – 15 October 2020 at LÁqua in Sydney.


FREE WEBINAR for Members and Partners

Join us for this joint Research Society & Global Research Business Network (GRBN) webinar to see the results from the GRBN’s 2020 Global Trust Survey.

GRBN has partnered with 10 national research associations from across the globe, including The Research Society and 14 corporate partners, to conduct the GRBN Global Trust survey.

The research highlights how trust in the Australian research sector compares with other sectors, as well as with other countries. The research looks at both trust overall and specifically at trust with respect to personal data usage. New in 2020 the research takes a look at how trust is being impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

Make sure you register for this FREE webinar:

Risk minimisation when interviewing via online video software

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the rapidly increasing use of online video software, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, for virtual face to face interviewing.

Members are reminded to carefully consider and plan the use of online video software, in order to minimise any risks to participants, clients or their own organisation during interviewing. The key issues to consider apply to all interviewing but have particular relevance to the use of online video software.

A key concern is that of possible harm to participants as a result of taking part in the project. Members must take reasonable care to ensure that participants can do so safely. For example, if they are taking part in the interview via their mobile, by asking them not to participate while driving or while walking around where they could have an accident while distracted.

A further issue is that of privacy and data protection. When using online video software, participants may be able to record or take screenshots of other people involved in the discussion or of any information presented to them.

Members must take reasonable care to ensure that:

  • The privacy of all participants or viewers is not breached via recording of their images without consent,
  • any client materials, concepts or ideas are kept confidential and
  • any materials or techniques confidential to the moderator are protected.

As in any face to face interview or discussion, good practice is to inform participants at the start about steps taken to ensure their privacy and of the confidentiality of all information and materials shared in the discussion. This should include advising participants not to take any recordings or screen shots during the interview. Members should also ask them to take part in a place where they will not be overheard, if possible.

Software programs have differing levels of privacy settings. When deciding which programs to use, Members are advised to review them for general privacy protections and also to determine whether all participants can freely record or whether this function can be blocked.

In summary, when using video software for interviewing, take extra care beyond the usual safeguards to minimise the risks to the confidentiality of participants, your clients and your organisation.

Kind regards

Elissa Molloy

CEO, The Research Society
+61 2 9566 3100