Welcome to the AMSRS' new site and blog

28th Feb 12

AMSRS Members Blog

Leslea Clements - AMSRS

Dear AMSRS Members, we welcome you to the new blog on our website, that is only viewable and useable by members. Starting with out first topic..... What do you think of the new site?

We would really appreciate your feedback and ideas for further improvements in the future.

Use the comments box below to post your feedback.


  • John Griffiths
    1st Mar 12 1:38 AM
    bit cheeky of me - being a Pom and all that but I really like it the feel of it - I am still working out if we are in the cloud (or this is a spanking new website). So am looking to see how interactive the site allows visitors to be with each other but it feels very good - I expect the reason I am here on my tod is that Australia is asleep - sweet dreams!!