Paul Di Marzio

Company: Di Marzio Research

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Member since: 2006-10-01

QPR Accredited

About Paul Di Marzio

“Working alongside my father gave me an excellent grounding in research. I am now managing the business and I’m very enthusiastic about what lies ahead for our firm. I believe our blend of youth and experience as we continue to work together enhances the insights we deliver.” Paul has a marketing degree from La Trobe University which included a stint at the University of Oregon (USA) where he focused on the marketing discipline. He began his career at Nike Australia before joining Di Marzio Research in 2006. He has also worked at Quantum Market Research and Latitude Insights (now Bastion Latitude). He’s intrigued to learn more about others’ life experiences, particularly through face-to-face qualitative research which he enjoys, but he also has a flair for bringing numbers to life. Such traits have been beneficial in his interaction with clients, and in assisting them with strategic decision making. He is a Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR) and a Full Member of the The Research Society.


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