Glenn Parle

Company: BPA Analytics Pty Ltd

Membership Type: Full Member

Member since: 2004-11-01

About Glenn Parle

Glenn Parle is a Specialist Organisational Culture Researcher. Glenn founded BPA Analytics Pty Ltd (BPA) in 1992, and has been its CEO for the past 29 years. During this period, BPA applied a high level of analytical expertise with over 1,700 Culture and Engagement surveys throughout Australia and New Zealand with an emerging presence in the UK. This includes a range of clients from large, complex, multi-functional organisations (like Qld’s Metro North Health with over 20,000 employees) through to niche-market organisations operating in the not-for-profit Services Sector. Under Glenn’s leadership, BPA has maintained an enduring focus on creating meaningful and effective research that builds stronger organisations. This focus has produced an average Success Rate of 91% of BPA’s clients achieving better Employee Engagement & Organisational Culture using BPA surveys. And the level of improvement that BPA’s clients are achieving is not just a few percentage points – it’s an average of 22% improvement relative to their initial starting point. Before founding BPA, Glenn had an eclectic background including 10 years hands-on experience in law enforcement and 3 years cultural change experience in the finance sector. He has 3 degrees: 1. Masters in Business Administration (University of Qld, 1992) 2. Executive Diploma in Entrepreneurship (University of Qld, 1992) 3. Bachelor of Arts – Majors in Philosophy and History (University of Qld, 1984) Glenn has a deep passion for the ethical side of social and organisational research, including 8 years’ experience as a member of a cutting-edge health sector Human Research Ethics Committee.


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