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I have worked in the research industry since joining Kantar TNS in the UK in 1991. I worked as an analyst for eight years before moving to Australia where I ran the CATI analysis team for Roy Morgan Research; next I managed data collection, analysis and operations of sensory research for Colmar Brunton and then moved back to Kantar to head up Australia/ NZ analysis. Since establishing my own consultancy practice, I have worked with clients to rebrand a global NFP and on a granular level, used data to improve their ability to fundraise through mass event participation. Over the years I have worked on data in all categories of research, applying numerous methodologies for analysis and reporting. I have worked on global studies with datasets in the millions as well as bespoke research for not-for-profit organisations. I have trained new researchers in how to read data and to be data-led in decision-making. I am currently dividing my time between consulting to Australia's largest entertainment company and to a boutique art college.


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